All Aboard Taiwan’s First Hello Kitty Themed Train

Taiwan first Hello Kitty Themed Train appeared on March 21st. The “Taroko Hello Kitty Themed Train” made its inaugural round trip between the two Taiwanese cities of Taipei and Taitung. The inaugural tickets are not sold. Besides the guests invited to take the train, it also gives out lottery tickets, letting 200 passengers take the train for free.

The Hello Kitty-themed train has eight cars with 376 seats.

The Hello Kitty-themed train used the newly imported Taroko Express with eight cars of 376 seats. According to the Central News Agency’s report, the Taiwan Railway Taroko Express Hallo Kitty Themed used color painting and integrated colored pattern of Hello Kitty, making both the interior and exterior very cute.

Taiwan Railway Hello Kitty Themed Train is built in partnership with EVA Air and Taiwan Sanrio. It has integrated the EVA Air’s Hello Kitty’ pattern into the design of the Taroko Express cleverly. The train’s eight cars are painted to mirror scenes from around the world including Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa, the Americas, and the North and South Poles. The design concept behind this train is “Travel around the world with Hello Kitty.”

Sanrio has made the exclusive design for the Taiwan Railways with the Hello Kitty in conductor’s costume. It can be found everywhere on the interior of the train, seat cover, and handcart. So the passengers can enjoy a joyful and fantasy trip from the start of the journey.

Taiwan Railway says in the future it will launch various Hello Kitty series products, which will be sold on the train the Taiwan Railway Dream Factory. The products including the three main categories: sold only on the train, Railway Trade Marketing, general commodity. At the same time, it will launch exclusive souvenirs with a limited edition. So fans of Hello Kitty can add to their collection.

The meal offered on Taiwan Railway Hello Kitty Themed Train has some fresh idea. The outbound journey provides Japanese Styled Pork Chop Meal at the price of 120 yuan. The inbound journey offers 100 yuan Huadong Special Vegetables Meal, using the aboriginal style preserved pork and fish as entrée accompanied with special vegetables from Huadong.

The Taiwan Railway Hello Kitty Theme Train entered Huatung Valley at two o’clock in the afternoon. The train travels through green fields, draws beautiful lines, surprising the fans of railways and farmers one more time. The fans of the railway had waited at the Chishang Bridge, Yumei Bridge and an entrance of the Shanli tunnel to catch up the view of the train passing by. Before the New Year the rice transplanting has already completed. The colorful train across the green field, even the farmers have put down the work on their hands, waved hands to the Hello Kitty Themed Train.

The train has reached Taitung Railway Station at 3:04 in the afternoon. The fans of Hello Kitty and railway have already waited at the platform to catch the glimpse of the train. Mr. Li, who has accidentally encountered the first day of the train, said the first day is on a workday, so he did not tell his daughter, who is a Hello Kitty fan. And he did not pay attention to the date today. It was really a coincidence. Immediately after the train stopped, people started to yell. The stop time is only 20 minutes, so people eager to seize the opportunity to enter the train for photo shooting.

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