A fresh look at Taiwan’s Hexing Station

Hexing Station, a station along Neiwan Branch Line in Hsinchu County, Taiwan, has added one more landscape to its collection: a huge tunnel made of bamboo. Inside the tunnel, visitors feel like walking through the corridors of time with the past and current of the Taiwan Provincial Highway 3.

Director of Cultural Affairs Bureau of Hsinchu County Government, Tsai says, last year, during the events of “Slow Living”, the idea of “landscape creation” was to throw out. The tunnel of time was quite popular among the tourists. Thus, the tunnel is maintained and cleaned constantly. It is estimated by October this year, the expanded Landscape Art Festival will be held, planed and included the new landscapes of Taiwan Provincial Highway 3 areas.

Tsai also mentioned, the vast tunnel made of bamboo, which Hsinchu was once filled with, is designed by Goh Wee-Ping, chairman of the Hsinchu County Agency Regulations Association. The tunnel aims to discover how people live in the area of Taiwan Provincial Highway 3 and what’s the future for this area in the forms of art.

Tsai says, the Provincial Highway 3, from Taoyuan, Hsinchu to Miaoli, is filled with Hakka’s culture, and is also the major production site for tea and bamboo, especially Neiwan Line in Hsinchu County, which constitutes central transportation system. Hsinchu government has also built the Taiwan Comics Dream Park, which added creativity into the area.

Tsai pointed out that due to the season of cherry blossom recently, cherry blossom tree next to the Hexing Station has attracted many visitors to admire the beauty of the flowers and take photos, which makes the station filled with romantic atmosphere. Hexing station is now the new landmark.

Tsai mentioned that Hexing Station, also known as “Love Station”, is the worship place for not only couples but also tourists. It has become the choices for many newly married couples to take their wedding pictures. Everyone is welcome to enter “the Corridors of Time” to take photo and search for the deepest pulsation.

According to the couples, who came here to take pictures, the hexagonal shaped tunnel looks spectacular. When you walk inside the tunnel, you will feel like being detached from reality and walking through the corridors of time. Lights shine through the gap between the bamboo, it is ideal for photo shooting. Man can’t stop saying that he has already taken too many beautiful pictures for his girlfriend, and there’s not much space left on the memory card.

Additionally, Hexing Station has recently walked into an agreement with Kofuku Station in Hokkaido, Japan. The cooperation plan includes trading commodities, develop new products, hold events and others, aiming to bring benefits to each other in terms of tourism, economy, and culture.

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