History of Sex Hotels in Taipei

In Taipei you will find a different kind of hotel, one not typically seen in other countries and one that is almost alien to the Western world. Known as Sex Hotels, but also referred to as Love Hotels and even Honeymoon Hotels, these are popular throughout the East, with thousands of them located across China, Japan and Taiwan. In Taipei, Taiwan’s bustling city, you will find some of the most luxurious sex hotels in the world, catering for all tastes and fetishes. These hotels are not just aimed at those seeking some quick and hedonistic fun with a local “working” girl, and were originally designed for couples wanting to spend some intimate time together in an environment that is designed to get the juices flowing.

Many of these hotels have themed rooms, which means you can live out all of your fantasies, from prison themes, to fantasy themes and even superhero themes. These hotels are a growing industry in Taipei, and although they have faced opposition here and elsewhere, it seems that this is an industry that won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

Love for a Night

Taipei is a very crowded city and one that has a significant housing problem, namely due to the fact that their own population can’t afford to purchase a house in the city that they live in. This is a problem seen all over the world, with twenty-somethings working to earn a living in the big city, but still falling some way short of being able to afford a deposit, a mortgage or even rent. They therefore tend to live with their parents, and because they are adults, in adult relationships and with adult needs, they can get a little frustrated and claustrophobic at times.

That’s where the sex hotels come into play. They were created with much the same purpose in mind that serves them to this day. They are a place of refuge for the couple that is unable to live together and therefore unable to spend some quality time together. Men and women in relationships typically turn to hotels so that they can spend the night together away from their parents, and the sex hotels give them the option of doing just that, whilst being in a room that can also cater for their fetishes and their sexual needs. These rooms are relatively inexpensive, but it all depends on the size and the theme of the room itself.

They used to be fairly basic, but as their popularity increased, so did the efforts to make the rooms extra special. Whereas in the beginning it was about creating a peaceful room where a young couple could enjoy themselves without fear of their mother and father knocking on the door, and where an older couple could spend some time away from their children or their workaday lives, these days they focus on creating an unforgettable experience. The Eden Hotel, for instance, is one of the fastest growing hotels in this industry, and one that recently achieved some global exposure thanks to some of its “unique” rooms.

One room in particular that the world was exposed to via many viral articles, was the Batman themed room. This is unusual for a love hotel, as the focus tends to be on common fetishes and on creating a romanic and cozy ambiance, but in a world of many fetishes, the “Bat cave” room, which comes complete with a Batman logo behind the bed and a Batman mirror, is sure to please many young couples. Located in Kaohsiung, the Eden Hotel has some of the most unique rooms you will find in any sex hotel, showing how this industry has expanded from a somewhat seedy one that was rarely talked about, into one that can appeal to the mainstream. Some of their most popular rooms include Manga rooms, littered with erotic art based on this popular Japanese comic style.

If you want something a little more classy, although style is very much subjective here, then Wego Motels might be a preferred destination. Their many rooms include the Louis Vuitton room, which is targeted at females, enticing them to make the suggestion to their partner and then to make the booking. These rooms are also popular as presents, with accommodation being booked by men for their female partners, a booking that both sides of the relationship will benefit from in the long run.

It may seem odd for an industry that works on the fringes of society, playing on a taboo, but sex hotels are very astute when it comes to marketing. They like to offer many special deals and they do their best to get nationwide exposure for them. These deals include free giveaways of lubrication, lingerie and more during holiday seasons.

As the saying goes, sex sells, and nowhere is that more evident than in the Taipei sex hotels. So much so, in fact, that Wego, one of the biggest names in this industry, has pumped hundreds of thousands of dollars into producing movies. They created three movies in total, all of which were produced to a very high standard that many Hollywood professionals would be proud of, before being made available on the internet and in Taipei movie theaters. It is clear that this is an industry that makes a lot of money and always has, but it is equally clear that this is an industry with big ambitions and with a global reach. As many of these hotels and the rooms and services offered are unique to Taiwan, with no such accommodation available in many other countries around the world, they are going a long way to increasing the number of tourists visiting the country, heading for the bright lights of this wonderful city just so they can enjoy some claustrophobic, cosy alone time with their partner.

It may seem seedy to some, but the truth is that this industry is very well regarded. It is very safe, very clean and it offers a degree of luxury and hospitality that you simply can’t get anywhere else. These hotels have helped couples across Taiwan to come together for many years, providing a home for those young couples who struggle to get time alone, offering a honeymoon destination for those newly married couples seeking to consummate their relationship in style, and providing something special for long-time married couples who want to inject some spark back into their marriage.

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