Hot Air Balloon Festivals and Activities in Taiwan

In the summer, you have to take the colorful and lovely hot air balloon to have a tour in the air. The trend of hot air balloon is getting hotter in Taiwan. Now, the editor has summarized three must-go hot air balloon carnivals in the summer. Taking advantage of the summer and getting on the hot air balloon. Let’s oversee the beautiful land from the sky.

  1. Taoyuan Shihmen Dam Hot Air Balloon Carnival

The earliest hot air balloon carnival starts in Shihmen Dam, Taoyuan. Starting from 17th to 25th, residents can have a close look or experience the fun of rising up and flying in the hot air balloon. The event host says this year, the Star War shaped hot air balloon will join, including the Darth Vader of 26 meters, and the 19 meters Master Yoda are the must-seen highlights of this year. Additionally, the Night glow music concert in the night during the weekend. So, the tourists can enjoy the different charms of day and night.

  1. Xinzhu Green grassland hot air balloon carnival

Continuing last year’s trend, the government of Xinzhu hosted the hot air balloon carnival in the green grassland this year again. During July 29th and 30th, the hot air balloon will rise at 5 am in the morning. And it will open to the tourists, who can line up at the scene and take the hot air balloon for free. While on the hot air balloon, you can enjoy the blue coastline of north Taiwan.

Besides taking the hot air balloon, the green grassland has the longest stone slide in north Taiwan. Here, parents and their kids can have various fun activities here.

  1. Taidong Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Carnival

After seven years, Taidong has become the famous “City of hot air balloon” domestically and internationally. This year, the international hot air balloon carnival starts from June 30th, and ends no August 6th. This year, the “Oh Bear Chief” hot air balloon will show up at the event. The “Night Glow Music Concert” will go around Taidong, allowing tourists to enjoy the romantic glow music.

Continuing the good reviews of the flash event of Taidong International Hot Air Balloon Carnival last year, this year’s Night Glow Music Concert moves to Taipei and will perform at 7 pm in the evening on June 10th on the Free Square. It will open to the residents for free.

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