Top 10 Hot Pot Spots in Taipei

Taiwanese, who love the hot pot the most, will choose to have some pot when ever come to a gathering. And in Taipei, the first choice will be hot pot. Here, it summaries the recent rising or still popular hot pot places in Taipei, which are frequently asked. Let up revisit the good selection of numb, spicy and good-smelled hot pot before the weather is getting hot.

  • Haidilao Hot Pot

Here, the most amazing thing is you cannot eat hot pot but also enjoy the superior service. Ever since it came to Taiwan in 2015, the charm of Haidilao has continued. Once you were seated, you will be provided with hair bands, aprons, zipper bags. There will be someone to help to serve the meat; a chef will make the noodles for you and do a little bit noodle dance. Face changing the show from Sichuan Opera will also be provided. All sorts of considerate and sweet services talked about via word of mouth, have reached the pinnacle. The signature beef, tofu pudding, and shrimps, you can all eat with the hot pot. People that tried them all find them satisfying. The Gourmands are not only felt their stomach completely bought by the food, but also feel happy.

Address: No. 6 Building, No. 12 Songshou Road, Xinxi District, Taipei

Tel: 02-77431855

  • Eight Strips

You don’t need to explain a lot the key of each hot pot places is their soup. The chef at Eight Strips used to work in mainland China. He was fortunate to have the opportunity to learn how to make the old Sichuan hot pot. Locals believe the best old hot pot should be 70% of oil with 30% of soup. After eating, you only filter the soup without changing the oil (which is will probably not be accepted by Taiwanese). When the chef was working in mainland China, he loved the hot pot so much, that he quitted his job to concentrate the study with a master. He then returned to Taiwan and adjusted the flavor and the way of making it fit the taste of Taiwanese. He also learned from his mother on how to cook and making Braised Aromatic Goodness, with carefully selected high-end meat it now becomes the Eight Strips Hot pot loved by publics.

Address: No. 3, No. 133 Alley, North Linsen Road, Taipei

Tel: 02-25622015

  • Topot 1

Decorated in ancient Chinese styled with secret recipe for the soup, also combined with the concept of health and nutritious from the time of Empress Wu Ze-tian, it is said this hot pot is the most favorite by Empress Dowager Cixi. No.1 most favored by netizens as “Royal Spicy Hot Pot”. It uses specially selected green pepper, Sichuan Dahongpao, chili pepper and other types of pepper, continuing the old way of making the soup. Accompanied by the free refill of duck blood and tofu plate, it presents a strong taste with numb but not spicy. The must order foods are: fairy beef, braised aromatic goodness, fresh meat ball. It now what most favored by gourmands.

Address: No. 31, Sec. 3, North Zhongshan Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei

Tel: 0800-265168

  • Spicy Spirit

There is a rumor that during the early stage, it only serves two tables per day. And it only accepts reservation for at least ten people. Even since the opening of the restaurant in Nanjing Road on 2014, it can make the reservation for 4 or 6 people. However, it only has three sessions per day. It focuses on a niche market with a slogan of “only numb your mouth, not your throat”. The content follows the set. There will be a specially assigned person there during the whole process. Waiters will guide you through how to eat authentically. A dish of “Duck blood pudding” will go through a process of washing, soaking, braising before sending to the guests. You will not forget the taste of it.

Address: No. 3 Building, No. 8, Sec. 8 East Nanjing Road, Taipei

Tel: 02-27492508

  • Xindian

From the decoration to food, everything shows the efforts of Xindian Hotpot. To get rid of the traditional impression on hotpot restaurant, it invited the famous interior designer to make the change based on black and red. It offers different types of prime, choice and other meat and many fresh foods. The feature of soup comes from the authentic dry species of Sichuan: Dahongpao pepper and Pixian bean sauce with more than 40 ingredients from Chinese medicine. Firstly burst the fragrant out with high fire. Then, fried and stirred with low fire and added the soup that has been cooked for 12 hours. The mellow and smooth tastes with a rich and varied feeling, the original taste of foods have been preserved and presently truly. Xindian Hotpot not only wants to present the enjoyment from the palate but also the intertwined feelings of five senses.

Address: No. 129 Songjiao Road, Zhongshan, Taipei

Tel: 02-25037667

  • Old Sichuan

Reference from the authentic rule of Sichuan Dishes “Three aromas, three peppers, three dressing, seven tastes, eight smells, nine others”, the authentic spicy hotpot “Old Sichuan Bashu Malatang” operates with a single order each time. However, each branch offers fresh and varied food, and considerate services. Once the guests have arrived, they will be served with tea depends on the season, with the unlimited supply of tofu and duck blood and free cold noodles and appetizers. After the meal, it will offer smoothies, deserts, which is very popular. Spicy pot uses spicy oil made of the old Sichuan way. The spicy from the Lantern pepper, mixed with the number from the pepper, added in with soup made of bones. It makes the spicy of the pot is numb, not hot. The soup tastes thick. It is also the first hotpot restaurant went public.

Address: No. 112, Sec. 2 West Changan Road, Zhongshan, Taipei

Tel: 02-25152222

  • Zhanji

The famous restaurant for long waiting line opens its branch in Taipei, located on the ground floor of Nanjing. Once you walk down the stairs, the aroma of spicy hotpot will get inside your nose. Without reservation, you can only wait for time to pass by, and definitely feel hungry by the smell. You will never forget the duck blood once you tried it, fresh and smooth without too salty. With the soup of hotpot, liked by Taiwanese, it will not taste the numb like the Sichuan hotpot, also unlike the salty tastes of the majority of the hotpot stores. It has attracted a lot of young people.

Address: B1 Building, No. 178, Sec. 2 East Nanjing Raod, Zhongshan, Taipei

Tel: 02-25082080

  • Shiji

Talking about the important role of hotpot history in Taipei, you have to talk about Shiji, whose beef noddle has already made the connection with spicy hotpot during the time under Martial Law. Because they know food and love to eat, the beef noodles made by the Shi Family have made their guests picky. The second generation – Shi Xue-kuan has determined to make changes. 5 or 6 years ago, he decided to start the road of spicy hotpot, proving delicate spicy hotpot restaurant (Minsheng store). From the soup, food, and service, he built a hotpot that can be customized with customers’ own preference. After one year, it launched another hotpot store (Anhe Store), which offers fresh meat, varied seafood in the form of the combo, enabling the guests to enjoy the taste on their tongue.

Address: No. 62, Sec. 2, East Minsheng Road, Zhongshan, Taipei; No. 53, Sec. 1, Anhe Road, Taipei

Tel: 02-25420685(Minsheng store); 02-27527685(Anhe store)

  • Taihodien

It is reported the most frequently visited hotpot restaurant by celebrities form China and Hong Kong. Some celebrities from Hong Kong even pay a special visit to Taihodien to take the materials for the soup back to enjoy it when they get back to Hong Kong. TAihodien has opened for more than two years; the half spicy and half non-spicy soup is salty with a strong flavor. It focuses on the level of numb and aroma. The quality of meat and soup sauce is all high quality. The meat boils in the soup for a few second, all the aroma and spicy will add to the meat. You can enjoy the fresh and sweetness once it entered your mouth. The gourmands cannot stop praising them.

Address: No. 315, Sec. 4, Xinyi Road, Taipei

Tel: 02-27050909

  • Mantanghung

Originally, Mantanghung pays for each dish ordered; later it has made the transition to eating all you can mode. It first imported the unlimited refill of the full series of coca-cola and Haagen Dazs Ice cream. Its featured meat is the only one meat awarded with “Platinum certified beef” by American Meat Association every year. The restaurant has reached the level of high-end hotel. The owner says they have never encountered any food safety issues in the past ten years. There are many types of soups in the store. The signature spicy red soup can eat with top-ranked beef, seafood and vegetables. It breaks the traditional mode of the buffet by operating in the mode of providing at the table cutting service once the guests ordered. It not only avoids the waste of food but also guarantees the food safety, which makes sure that the customers can eat healthy and relieved.

Address: 2nd Floor, No. 238-2, Sec. 4, Renan Road, Daan District, Taipei,

Tel: 02-27753738

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