Taipei Hotel Booking with Hotels Combined

Hotels Combined is a travel search engine. This was a little late to the party, cropping up after the advent of many other sites that had cornered a monopoly on the online travel market, but its intuitive search engine and its widespread marketing quickly ensured that there was a place for Hotels Combined in the market, and since then it has become one of the most popular and widely used online travel sites.


The Hotels Combined website was founded in 2005 and is based in Sydney, Australia. The goal of Hotels Combined was to create an all-encompassing website that would gather results from other hotel websites and collect them in one place for the traveller to see. This means that one visit to the Hotels Combined website will allow you to see the cheapest prices on hotels around the world, with all major cities and towns covered.

There are 17 million users of the Hotels Combined website on a monthly basis and it is available in 40 different languages. Although initially founded and run by just two people, Hotels Combined was able to hire others after their first year in operation and thanks to their rapidly expanding popularity after that, they now have 200 employees. Hotels Combined has one of the highest Trust Pilot ratings of any hotel comparison website, and as we shall discover it’s not just customers who rate Hotels Combined highly.


Hotels Combined has a very easy-to-follow layout, and one that has won them countless awards. The main focus of the site is the search engine itself, which allows customers to manipulate searches based on a number of different factors. These include everything from the star rating of the hotel they want to stay in, to the location, the dates and a number of additions such as swimming pools, saunas, gardens, smoking areas and much more.

There are many hotel comparison sites out there, but at the World Travel Awards, which are as big as it gets in this industry, Hotels Combined was voted as the Leading Hotel Comparison Website for two years in a row.


Booking a hotel room for a night or more on Hotels Combined is as simple as it should be. There are thousands of hotels available in all of the major cities around the world, and you can also search for smaller establishments — such as bed and breakfasts, inns and motels — in many towns and villages. Hotels Combined offers deals on over 5 million hotels around the world, with everything from the biggest and best 5-star hotels, to the smaller, cheaper chain hotels. What’s more, there are no booking fees on Hotels Combined and if you are not happy with your booking, you can get your money back.

Hotels Combined is not just ideal for customers, it also works better than any other site for hotel owners. There are no high fees to pay to have your hotel listed on the Hotels Combined engine and you also don’t need to pay ridiculously high prices for every booking that the site generates for your establishment.

Also, in the unlikely event that you do find a hotel room cheaper on another site, Hotels Combined will happily refund the difference. This applies regardless of where you find that price but we have discovered that wherever you search, Hotels Combined typically has the cheapest price anyway, so you’re unlikely to cash in on this offer of a refund.


Hotels Combined may not have as many users as sites like Trip Advisor, but there is a reason this site has won so many awards and a reason it continues to be voted as the Leading Hotel Comparison Website in the industry’s most prestigious award ceremony. Simply put, Hotels Combined is easy to follow, it is quick and it gives travelers exactly what they need in a quick and convenient manner. The prices that Hotels Combined offer are also significantly cheaper than they are on other comparison website, which shows that Hotels Combined is doing its job whilst its competitors are not. One of the most frustrating things about hotel comparison websites is when you find and book a website, only to discover that it was available cheaper elsewhere. Luckily, that never happens on Hotels Combined and if you really do want to find the cheapest hotels and to get the most bang for your buck, then this is the place to do it.

We have been using Hotels Combined for a fairly short time, but in the last couple of months it has quickly become our comparison site of choice. With rapidly climbing visitor numbers, it seems that we’re not the only ones and it’s surely a matter of time before the number of people using Hotels Combined matches its high ratings and its many awards.

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