Top 10 attractions in Hualien – Taroko Ranks #1

Except for the urban landscape in Taipei loved by tourists, other beautiful natural sceneries are also one of the major focuses of tourism. When talking about beautiful natural views, it is spontaneous to think about Hualien in East Coast of Taiwan. But do you know which beautiful spots you should not miss? According to Daily View Internet Thermometer, netizens have recommended top 10 attractions in Hualien. The Taroko National Park won an overwhelming victory and got number one, with 17,000 more votes than Chihsingtan Beach. Come and check if your favorite attraction is on the list.

  1. Taroko National Park

The first thing came into your mind must be Taroko National Park when you think about Hualien. With its marble-walled canyons, lush vegetation and mountainous landscape, Taroko has deeply attracted tourists. It is no exaggeration to call it the number one attraction in Hualien.

  1. Chihshingtan Beach (Seven Stars Beach)

Although Chihsingtan Beach is referred to as a beach, in fact, it is actually a bay paved with gravel. When the weather is nice, you can see the Big Dipper clearly in the sky. That is why locals call it “Seven Stars Beach”.

  1. Whirl Lan Bay

Whirl Lan Bay is a newly rising attraction in Hualien. Here, there is Happy Ranch, where you can have close contact with animals, fully equipped with water facilities. People, who love to sail, should not miss this place.

  1. Liyu (Carp) Lake

Liyu Lake is the largest inland lake in Taiwan. It has a single lane bicycle path around 5 km encircling the lake. Cycling is the most popular way for tourists to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

  1. National Dong Hwa University

The campus of National Dong Hwa University often attracts bride and groom to have their wedding shooting here. European-styled building with large lawn and the beautiful lakeside inside the campus are one big selling point.

  1. East Coast of Taiwan Whale-watching

You have to take the boat to see whale and dolphin when you get to East Coast of Taiwan. Watching a group of dolphins jumping off the water in a blue sea, it is as pretty as a painting.

  1. Rare Seed Ranch

The first impression you have about Rare Seed Ranch must be “rich flavor of milk”. There is freshly squeezed milk, hot milk manto, dense tasted fresh milk cheese, and also the must-have milk ice-cream. Don’t miss them if you are dairy products fan.

  1. Xiuguluan River

Xiuguluan River is the most prosperous region for rafting in Taiwan. Because of the abundant water, it is suitable for boating all year round. But rafting normally takes 3 to 4 hours. You might want to exercise before. Otherwise, you will be too tired to move.

  1. Pine Garden

Pine Garden is a military command center during the Japanese era. It is said there was suicide committed here after the defeat of the Japanese, which makes it the one of five haunted houses in Taiwan.

  1. Mqmgi

Mgmgi located inside the mountains, covering Mugua River and Feicui Valley, known as “Little Heaven”. Out of the environmental protection purpose, you must apply permits to get inside the Mgmgi. However, due to the typhoon in July 2014, which has caused road collapse, Mgmgi has been closed ever since. Visitors are looking forward to its reopening soon.

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