Hutong Hotels Beijing – Accommodation in Beijing Hutongs

One night at the theme hotel in the deep alley of Hutong

It not only has to hide in the expensive Beijing Hutong, but it also has to be deep inside. It has not only to be a boutique hotel, but it also has a sense of culture. One night, you can taste it slowly.

  1. The Orchid Hotel Beijing

More like a private house.

The Orchid Hotel is indeed a hotel hidden in the Hutong. The Orchid Hotel is next to the Old Shi dumpling house. The ally can only allow one person to walk. At the end of the alley, the unnoticeable “The Orchid” will appear on the wall. Before you enter the hotel, you have to ring the bell. The hotel is more like a private house rather than a place for business. However, in such an era, the over marketing of the product from mobile to fashion brand, “hunger” becomes the best marketing method: the only 10 guest rooms of Orchid, you don’t have to worry about the business.

It is said the hotel is the joint work of a Canadian boy and a Tibetan girl. That’s why you will find the western design and Chinese decoration interact with each other. There is also western styled bar and water tank with golden fish playing inside.

The courtyard was once an old, abandoned place, the owner has invested 3,000,000 RMB and invited designers to rebuild the hotel. Once you enter the gate, you can see a glass door, the reception, bar, and public area are all here. Only through this area, you can reach the guest rooms in the back.

Address: No. 65, Baochao Hutong, Xicheng, Beijing

  1. Old Beijing Square Hotel

“Wei Ming” but fun

There is a Siheyuan styled hotel in Baochao Hutong, called “Wei Ming”. You might wonder what the hotel has any to do with Peking University. In fact, the founder of the hotel is graduated from Peking University, majored in physics, but doing hotel business.

Even though, the founder is physical background, the theme of the hotel and the business is positioned on traditional Chinese music. You can find all kinds of traditional Chinese instruments in the courtyard, which guests can play with them. The guest rooms are also designed with instruments. There is also brief English introduction carved to help foreign travelers to gain a little knowledge on the traditional Chinese music.

The Siheyuan emphasize the communications between different families. After renovated into the hotel, the privacy is normally not very high. However, the owner has already take that into consideration to make sure the foreign guests can maintain their privacy.

Address: No. 38 Baochao Hutong Jia, Xicheng, Beijing, China

  1. Beijing Shichahai Sandalwood Hotel

Here you can encounter luxury and enjoyment. The Beijing Shichahai Sandalwood hotel will help you experience the life of old Beijing. Walking inside the Hutong, everything you see has meaning behind it. The round stone in front of the gate means the home of the martial art. The square stone means the government office, who deals with government affairs rather than military.

The most rooms can a typical Siheyuan has are 7 or 8. In order to keep the originality of the Siheyuan, the hotel build two suites underground. The total rooms in the hotel is 10. If you are used to the traditional Chinese room, you can explore the suites underground, which are the most luxury presidential suites in the hotel.

Address: No. 42 Xinghua Hutong, Denei Street, Xicheng, Beijing, China

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