Taipei Indian Food Scene – Where to Consider

Indian food is well known all around the world for its spices and extravagant taste. Taipei is no exception rather it has some of the most delicious Indian food makers in the country. Some of the most highly skilled cooks come here from India to start their own business and before they know it just by the flavor of their food their business flourishes. When in Taipei some of the must visit Indian restaurants are:

Saffron Fine Indian Cuisine
A well-known Indian restaurant to dine at if you’re looking for Indian food of great quality. All their food is handmade on site including the nan and chapatti. They keep the place clean around the clock. Reservations can be made simple. All tables are always clean. Some might find the seating a bit stiff but they more then cover up for it with their mouthwatering food. They stick with traditional ways for making and eating Indian food thus, if you have some prior knowledge about Indian food it makes your experience all the more better. They specialize in dishes regarding meat like steamed meat, fried meat , meat curry the list goes on.

Shinyeh Curry Champ
As such as it name this place specializes in curry and champ dishes. The seating arrangement is normal and they don’t have any alcoholic drinks. But they make up for it with their mind blowing curry and champ. Unique to them are dishes like vegetarian curry and Japanese curry. For the best champ and curry experience this is the place for you.

Balle Balle Indian Restaurant
One of the most well – known and popular Indian restaurants in Taipei. It has amazing Indian food and the prices are reasonable. The seating and architecture of the place is very soothing. The main reason for its popularity would be its staff and workers. The staff takes it upon themselves to have us enjoy the visit as much as possible compelling them to come visit again and again. It is said to have the most friendly and customer caring staff in Taipei. Besides their staple Indian food they are experts in Punjabi food also, making it a must dine experience.

Classic Mayur Indian Kitchen Restaurant and Bar
Classic Mayur is considered to be one of the top Indian restaurants in Taipei. The success of Mayur Indian Kitchen in Taipei, Taiwan is all because of the hard work of the Mayur kitchen team. Every chief is a trained professional and has decades of experience cooking Indian food. The floor staff is extrememly friendly and compassionate about making us feel comfortable. Besides their incredible Indian food the house a large bar with all kinds of drinks alcoholic, beers, soft drinks etc. The entire structure gives of an Indian feel like to most Indian restaurants seen on TV. They also have another restaurant in Taipei with a more elegant and advanced structure giving of a elegant vibe. They aim of Mayur Indian Kitchen is to make “YOU” satisfied and happy. A must visit place in Taipei without a doubt.

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