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“Old town with new dreams, reproducing the striking beauty!” The Tourism Bureau of Taichung City has launched the old town tourist season in Taichung, starting today to November. The Tourism Bureau of Taichung City aims to attract tourists from both domestic and abroad to visit the old town. It works with the local traveling organizations – “Hello Corner”, “Happy Club” and others, hosting 50 times of “light traveling in the city within the city”. There are 7 selected traveling routes. The Tourism Bureau of Taichung City has invited people from different backgrounds to discover the mysterious places inside the old town of hundred years’ history.
The chief at the Tourism Bureau of Taichung City, Chen Shengshan says that the area within the 1, 2 kilometers’ distance from the railway station used to be the busiest area in Taichung during the early time. Even though, with the shifting of the development center of the city, this area has declined, recently, more and more young people and companies have invested here to try to activate the old town, re-discovering the striking beauty in the old time. The city’s government has launched “City in the city light traveling”. The local guides will lead the tourists walking through the various streets and alleys on foot. They will also help tourists enjoy the beauty of the architecture in the city, culture and history.

Chen Shengshan points out that the local organizations, such as “Hello Corner”, are formed by homeless, single mothers, middle aged jobless people and elderly lives on their own. They will work as the guide after training. They will use their own stories to lead the tourists traveling back to time, to the past, present and future. The tour will also design journey to try local snacks, cakes, and buy souvenirs based on tourists’ preference. So, tourists from both domestic and abroad to discover the charm of the old town.

Chen Shengshan says people who likes static exhibitions are welcome to visit the first platform at Taichung Railway Station from August 6 to August 28th. They can also visit the second floor of the Taichung City Hall during September 5th to October 2nd for the “City in the city time machine – 50 years’ photography exhibition”. During August 6 to August 28th, there is a “Joint exhibition of sketches in Taichung” at the second floor of the Quan’antang Sun Cake Museum. The exhibition will show the past and present of Taichung in the eyes of painters and photographers.

There will be DIY experience to make the famous sun cake in the trip. The limited edition of souvenir postcards will be giving out. Additionally, the small snacks and souvenirs will be giving out for free. The registration fee is 200 yuan, which is definitely worth the price. You are welcome to sign up at the facebook fan pages of “Tourism Traveling Website of Taichung” or “Fun in Taichung”. The registration will stop once the space is filled.

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