Four ways of surfing internet with Wifi in Taiwan

Come to travel in Taiwan, how can you go without the internet? People, who are addicted to micro-blog, Wechat, and QQ, cannot survive without the internet. Here are four simple ways to get on the web with Wifi, keep the easy use of internet no matter where and when.

Apply the free WIFI

TPE-Free is the free wireless internet service provided by Taipei Government. When we go to Taiwan, we only need to provide simple information on our travel documentation. Then we can apply to individual account directly and enjoy the free wireless internet service. The Wifi signal of TPE-Free covers 4,500 hotspots in Taipei (Taipei MRT Station, City Hall, Administrative centers under Taipei Government, Major crossroad of Taipei, Some of the Taipei Bus Stations, major shopping districts, and other public areas). TPE-Free accounts can also be used at New Taipei’s wireless services (Administrative centers of New Taipei, hospital and libraries), you do not need to apply for additional accounts.

The government provided iTaiwan, have more than 3,000 hotspots in the whole Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, and Matsu. Mainly distributed in the post office, bus station, tourists center and government facilities. This is the only free Wifi that you can find in both Penghu and Kinmen.

The New Taipei Free Wifi can be found in City Hall of New Taipei, District Office, Clinics and other locations. Tainan has its own Wifi, but you need to apply it separately, the coverage is not great. It has not found any free Wifi in Taizhong and other places.

All the metro stations in Kaohsiung provides free Wifi that does not require accounts or password. But it is uncertain how long will it lasts because it is against the NCC requirement. If you are at Kaohsiung metro stations, take advantage of it. Additionally, buildings under the Kaohsiung government, such as Culture Center, has KH_CITY Wifi, provided by the City Government. Account and password are required, which are both kcg in lower case.

All the 7-11 in Taiwan has its own 7Wifi, but it’s not free (however, in some place, such as Taoyuan Airport, is free). Nevertheless, 7-11 has wide coverage and convenience. The users of 7-11’s internet packages or 7mobile renters can use the Wifi for free. In Taiwan, the Wifi of 7-11 (7wifi for short), log in with Weibo account can use the Wifi for free. The first-time login can use 48 for free, each day after that, 3 times per day and 30 minutes per each time. All the scenic areas in Taiwan, cities, towns, and leaving the island, once you find a 7-11, the internet issue will be solved. If you have a long-term need for 7wifi, 7-11 also sell time card of 7wifi. We use to have exchange studies, who stayed in Taiwan for 4 months, or travel alone; they did not apply the sim card to use the internet in Taiwan. They have kept their internet connection every day without a break using itaiwan and 7wifi. You can see the convenience and practicability of this two Wifi.

Taiwan Palace Museum, National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall and a few other tourist spots also have their own free Wifi; you can apply on the site, valid throughout the day.

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