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Every day in De Moines the demand for a Chinese translation service for local businesses has been increasing. The city is the capital of Iowa. It is the center of the insurance industry in the United States and is also known for its financial services and its publishing business base. Forbes magazine ranked this city as the best place for business in 2010 and 2013. Recently Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, and Facebook established data processing in the city, along with logistical facilities. Our translation service called Chinese Connects would definitely be the perfect fit for local businesses in De Moines.

Technology and finance are one of the many categories we specialize in. We can be a major help for different technology companies along with finance companies. Our service will be able to help them communicate with the Chinese population in De Moines better. On May 15, 2015 the Des Moines Register reported that the Asian population in Iowa has been growing. Currently they only represent 2% of the population. Even though their population is small, there has been an 73% increase since the year 2000. Des Moines Register also reported that Chinese is the most spoken Asian language.

We will be needed to make contracts available in Chinese and English. Websites for different companies in De Moines should be available to read in both English and Chinese. Our translation service will be able to improve the translation aspects of Facebook, Microsoft, and Hewlett Packard. Technology has been becoming more and more important in our daily lives throughout recent years. Now it has become hard for many people to live without it. It is important for these companies to be able to continue to survive. In order for this to happen, these businesses must be able to keep improving their communication system. Especially since technology has been the leading trade export between the state and China. Communication is also important for trading purposes. With us being a communication tool we will definitely help trades become more successful. Trades must continue to be successful between China and De Moines. If they are not successful, this can potentially cause a lot of damage to their economy. Both English speakers and Chinese speakers must be able to understand each other correctly and must be able to respond to each other in a timely manner.

Whenever there is a society change, businesses must adapt to it. The ones who do not adapt to it, do not survive. In this scenario, businesses have to adapt to the increase of the Chinese population. If they do not, their business will not be able to survive. We want to make sure that businesses in De Moines will be able to survive. The employment for our service works really hard to make sure the translations are correct. As a service, we understand how crucial having a good communication system is for businesses. Communication systems at businesses have to be able to change with the times.

The current president of China, Xi loves Iowa. He has even stated that he wants the states relationship with China to grow. The government in Iowa also wants the same to happen. Since both governments wants this to occur, businesses in Iowa have to be prepared for this. It is best for them to start preparing as soon as possible. The sooner they start preparing the better. At this rate, China will definitely be working more directly with De Moines. This will definitely cause more Chinese workers to start working in the city. Also, this will lead to more Chinese businesses being developed in the city as well. Not only will the businesses that uses English as its dominant language, but Chinese ones will need us as well. They will need us to be able to communicate with English speakers. Our service wants to be able to make sure that the Chinese population is able to receive the communication that is needed for them, especially in this changing world. This changing world is causing changes to be in demand. Communication is one of the main ones. With communication being such an important tool, it must adapt to the changes society is demanding. Chinese Connects is an important service that is crucial for today’s society demands.

The increase of partnership between China and Iowa will only make the Chinese population in De Moines increase even more than it already has. We want to make sure that the economy in De Moines continues to perform well. Allowing us to help businesses will definitely help the economy. One reason is because we will be able to help the local businesses attract more Chinese people. Their economy is going to become more and more reliant on China. The second reason is because the performances of businesses plays a big role in how well economies execute.

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