Italian Restaurants Throughout Taipei – Quick Glance

Taipei is has a large number of tourist from around the world. They all want to eat at the best foods they can find which is a big part of tourism. Despite their great variety of foods Italian food with its quality, simplicity, fantasy, health and tradition stand out among the masses of restaurants and food vendors. There are a lot of Italian restaurants in Taipei which makes it hard to decide which to choose from. Here is a quick overview of some of the most satisfying and the best Italian restaurants in Taipei

French Windows
French Windows is situated in the Xinyi area near Taipei 101. The food is delicious and affordable the architecture is befitting its foods standard. Due to its area it most people come here during lunch and breakfast hours. Thus, the restaurant excels at spaghetti like Le Gris Spaghetti and other light weight dishes. It’s the perfect spot to bring your beloved other out for dinner or a date. The gorgeous surroundings of the area make the food taste even better, The staff is extremely kind and hard working. Whenever in the Xinyi area dropping by here at least once is a must.

No 168 Prime Steakhouse
In Taipei finding a restaurant that makes good steak is hard and finding a restaurant the makes good Italian steak is even harder. No 168 Prime Steakhouse is one of the few restaurant Taipei that excels at making steaks especially Italian. The price is somewhat high but the food is without a doubt worth it. The size of the steak is rather large and the other dishes are also very extravagant. When with a group and want to eat at your heart’s content this is the place to be.

La Piola Taipei
Is a very well – known restaurant in Taipei known for its delicious Gnocchi. Gnocchi is a dish made by using potatoes and bread in the form of dumpling. The Gnocchi at La Piola is considered to be the best in the entire city. The Chief might be known for gnocchi but other items besides the gnocchi are incredible as well. They have a wide range of wine to choose from , they also import wine from other countries. The building and seating are extremely cozy and the interior is imported from Italy itself.

Merlot Cafe & Bistro
Italian food is meant to be simple and fresh. That’s exactly what this restaurant does. The restaurant in itself is small but it complements the Italian food very well. The food in and of itself is to simply put spectacular. The food is made by the duo Bob and Vicki. They operate the entire establishment themselves. The food is made from fresh vegetables and fruits right from the market. The vie used in cooking purposes is of the highest quality. They pay close attention to every aspect of the meal for their customers and their hospitality and care keeps making customers coming back for more For anyone in Taipei looking for a real genuine Italian experience no one beast this place.

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