Taipei Hotels with Jacuzzi and Massage Services

These days a hotel is not just a place to rest your head and escape from the alien city you have decided to call home for a week or two. Hotels are places to eat, to drink, to have fun and, perhaps most importantly, to relax and unwind. We often find that the best hotels are those that have spas, wellness centers, massage services and Jacuzzis, because these are extras, superfluous to many, and if your chosen hotel has them it usually much means they have everything else covered as well.

In this article we will look at the best hotels in Taipei that have Jacuzzis and massage services, with a focus not just on the hotels that get these services right, but on the ones that perform above expectations in all other areas as well.

Landis Taipei Hotel

The Landis is one of our favorite hotels in Taipei, one that ticks so many boxes and one that we have raved about so many times. This is a 5-star hotel, but with rooms that are a little more affordable than many other hotels in this class. There are some less-affordable rooms, don’t get us wrong, but in that case you really do get what you pay for.

This is a hotel that you will probably never want to leave, for as soon as you step through its grand doors, you’re escorted into an elegant and sophisticated world where the guest is treated like royalty. Here you will find everything that you could ever ask for in a hotel, all neatly wrapped in a stylish Landis bow.

The Jurlique Day Spa is where the pampering treatments are found in the Landis Hotel. These are not just limited to massages and spa baths either, as there is a long list of treatments to wrap you up in a cozy bubble as you while away the day. These include Age Defying Facials, which last for an hour and promise radiant, soft and smooth skin; Anti-Stress Facials, which promise to ease stress and treason in the face and shoulders; and Essential Hand Care, which both softens and stimulates your hands.

As far as the massages go, your best options are probably the Ultimate Face and Body Experience, which lasts for a full 2 hours and includes a range of aromatherapy oils, leaving you both relaxed and refreshed. The hotel also offers spa packages, so you and your fellow guests (if any) can enjoy a full day at the spa, with a range of treatments that care for your entire body.

The Okura Prestige Hotel

The Okura Prestige Hotel is a luxury 5-star hotel that excels in all areas. A glance at its average ratings on all of the hotel review sites will tell you that this is one hotel that does not disappoint. The Okura Prestige Hotel is located in the sought-after Zhongshan District, with a number of rooms available that offer panoramic views of this great city.

The Okura Health Club is where the action is at. Guests at the Okura Prestige Hotel are required to join the club in order to enjoy the treatments, but by doing so, even for a relatively short stay, they can save a lot of money and enjoy the facilities as much as they want. Membership comes individually or for families (although members need to be over 18). It can be bought yearly or three-yearly and paid monthly. Inside the Okura Health Club there is a sauna, which comes with male and female VIP lounge areas, hot and cold pools, dressing rooms and a resting area. There is also a swimming pool, which is located on the roof, and a fitness center, which is fitted with the latest equipment.

All members can also enjoy as many massages as they want. These are all provided by professional massage therapists and use aromatherapy oils. There are also reflexology treatments available, along with facials and much more.

V-One Vogue Hotel

If a 5-star hotel is out of the question, but you still want to pamper yourself whilst on holiday, you can always head to the 2-star V-One Vogue Hotel. This is 2-star hotel by name and price only, as there is more than enough in this hotel to warrant a much higher rating, as we’re sure you’ll agree once you spend some time here.

The V-One Vogue Hotel even have their own spa and wellness center, where guests can treat themselves to a range of massages, spending as little or as much time as they want getting the all-over relaxation treatment. Once you’ve been oiled-up and sufficiently scrubbed and rubbed, then you can hop in the spa bath. As with the hotel itself, these treatments are very affordable and many of them cost a fraction of the price of some of the 5-star hotels that offer similar treatments.

There is also a fitness room and many other facilities in the V-One Hotel, whilst its location in the Datong District makes it ideal for all travelers seeking to be amongst the best attractions, bars and restaurants, whilst also being within walking distance of public transport.

Star Beauty Resort Taipei

The Star Beauty Resort Taipei is a 3-star hotel, offering something that is somewhere in-between the hotels mentioned above. Located in the popular Shilin District, which is home to the Shilin Night Market, the Star Beauty Resort has a spa and a wellness center that offers a number of treatments for its guests. There are massages, facials and much more, and you can even enjoy some time in a spa bath to finish it all off.

This hotel also has a bicycle rental service, so if you want some fresh air and healthy exercise before or after your treatments, then you can climb aboard and take a trip into the city. You can even ride to the Taipei Jianguo Jade and Flower Market, which is just a short distance away from the hotel.

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