Japanese Styled Café in Taipei Serving Buckwheat Cold Noodles

I have heard “Chifeng Street” for a long time. But as not a local, I was only interested in going to the “Eslite R79”, then I realized the Chifeng Street was nearby.

This time, we have brought our friend far a planned trip in Taipei – two day and one night. 3 people drove the car and arrived Taipei in the noon. We have entered the nearby parking lots in the GPS ahead of time. So, we don’t need to waste time searching for parking lots. And, we can also walk for a few minutes and find lunch in this charming Chifeng Street.

Because we have children, we called the brunch places we want to go. But the Food Output 1 and 2, and also Gung Lok do not accept reservation. When we arrived there at 12, the rush hour, we know we won’t be able to go to these restaurants. But since we have children with us, as a parent we always worry about whether she is hungry. So, we will eat at where there is not many people.

The Aoyama Café is right across the street of Food Output became our choice that day. When we entered the restaurant, we find out the reason there was no guest is because the air condition was broken. Later, I searched on the internet and found out that they are going to move. If you want to come here, you need to confirm their location first. (We are way too lucky.)

The Aoyama Café is operated by a mom and son. In the half opened kitchen, you can feel the blood bond between them. Maybe is because they are going to move, and they have a dog, the restaurant was a little messy that day. But, make you feel like back home, and relaxed.

Even though there was no air condition and we were sweating a little bit. But since we were hungry and we chose to stay. Three of us ordered buckwheat cold noodle, buckwheat hot noodle, and a brunch plate. The decoration on the cup made us laughed so loudly. And you mood just got better.

My friend ordered buckwheat cold noodle, the cold breath made us want to share it immediately. The refresh and cold buckwheat noodle with Japanese sauce, wasabi and green onion. Each bite gave you a unique aroma, even kid likes it.

We both love to take kids when we are traveling. For us, allow the kids to learn the world with their own eyes and feelings is such an amazing thing. Even though, it is crowded everywhere in the summer, we still value the time when there is not much homework. So, we took the chance to take her to go out.

I don’t have the habit to eat cold food when I’m hungry. So, I ordered a buckwheat hot noddle.

The Japanese soy sauce soup is simple, but the chewy noodle has such a warm power, remind you of the love you felt when mom cooked something for you when you were hungry in the night.

The kid ordered the brunch plate of the “Aoyama”.

The steamy food once arrived, make you getting hungrier. Even though, it doesn’t look amazing as a whole, but the “just right” freshly made, make you think that no waiting in the line is so important sometime.

I still remember the day when I walked out of the “Aoyama”. We took picture at the corner of the store. The corner does give you the feeling that you are in the corner of a Japanese alley. Compare to the Food Output and Gung Lok, this store seems to have something different, like the feeling you are eating at home.

But what would the moved Aoyama look like? If you have the chance to go, please remember to share with me.

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