Japanese Styled Tea Houses in Taipei

Zuo Zuo (Have a seat) Café

The Zuo Zuo Café located in the Zhongshan Metro Station Business District. Just as the name has suggested, the store has a friendly atmosphere that welcomes the guest.

The Thousand Layers of Green Tea Cake, made from the green tea powder from Koyamaen and Ippodo. The green tea flavored mascarpone on the top is used to decorate and add flavor. With the owner’s idea: mixed original flavored fresh cream and green tea flavored cream with the 1:1 ratio, enriching the flavor, which is no longer plain and boring. The quantity is large and generous. No wonder it is called “have a seat” Zuo Zuo!

The summer season products: Mango Cheese Cake. The base is the mango flavored raw cheese, the top layer is the original flavored raw cheese. The minced mango and kiwi are added in to cheese. Fresh fruit with cheese is definitely a sweet that you should not miss in the summer. It is freshly made every day with guaranteed the quality. Take a visit at the “Zuo Zuo Café”. Don’t forget to try the sweet! During the weekdays, there is no limit on the time when you dine in the store, providing a friendly and sweet service and environment to the consumers!


The Shoshin is located near the Wende Metro Station, Neihu. No matter is the store entrance or the dining environment, you can feel the strong sense of the Japanese styled tea house. There are also the hospitality and comfortableness of Taiwan, giving consumers a relaxed space to enjoy the delicious food in the store.

The Castella sold in the store has used 7 types of sugars from Taiwan and Japan and the eggs selected by the owner. From the selection of ingredients, you can tell the effort of the owner. The soft taste, right degree of sweetness, the sugar on the bottom is the authentic Japanese way. It adds flavor to the simple cake. It is also the first choice for the gift for one month old new born babies’ parents.

The Castella has been baked for a second time. The chef uses low fire to bake, releasing the aroma of egg. So the flavor of the cake is more apparent. The cake is sliced into small pieces that can be easily consumed.

The featured Taiwanese Hokkien uses the Uji green tea powder. Additional ingredients are: kanten, no additional sugar is added, directly made from main ingredient. The mochi is made from the mochi powder, which is exported from Japan. Unlike the mochi from some stored, it won’t get hard when meet ice. The Shoshin’s mochi is very chewy, eating with green tea ice is perfect. On the top is the specially selected red bean from Wandan, Pingdong. The red bean is big and sweet. This dish comes with the black sugar from Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. Consumers can select the preferred level of sweetness.

Black Sugar Jelly Noodle

The Black Sugar Jelly Noodle is freshly made from the powder from the Nara. The noodle is cold, soft without losing the chewiness. You dip the noodle in the black sugar. It is regarded as health sweets in Japan. You don’t have to go the Japan to enjoy this authentic Japanese traditional sweet. You can have it in Taiwan.

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