How to Find Non Teaching Jobs in Taipei

If you are considering moving to Taipei or have already done so but are looking for a way to get out of the teaching circle then there are a few options you can consider.

The first question you need to address is how comfortable you are navigating websites in Chinese. If you have even a beginner’s level then you should definitely check out 104, a Taiwanese Job Bank that breaks down available positions by area, profession, salary and skills. For the most part, this job bank requires you to be signed in to apply but there are a number of contact personnel who write HR email and phone number contacts directly so that you do not have to go directly through the bank. Your chances however are much lower.

Within this job bank you do not necessarily need to type Chinese to find work. For example, typing the word such as “editor” could very well display a number of local or foreign-based companies that operate in Taiwan and are only looking for people who are looking for relevant work. The same goes for keywords such as “engineer” or “writer” etc., which often lead you to companies with a more international focus.

This site also offers in detail the type of tasks that come along with the job, the pay range and a brief outline on the company’s environment. We found that Taiwan companies are really looking for sales reps to expand abroad. These jobs are most in demand followed by project managers. After having reviewed several jobs through this job bank and inquiring to various companies that either do or do not post their salaries, we can tell you that with the exception of engineers almost all positions give foreigners NT$50,000 flat while some maybe another $3000 higher. The bare minimum in Taiwan for white-collar foreigners is just above NT$48,000 so this is basically typical Taiwan employer behavior in that they are only willing to give more than the bare minimum. Editor positions meanwhile can reach NT$60,000 and engineers NT$70,000.

This is frustrating for many but here is why you should consider it and not continue your NT$65,000 English job that is flexible, easy and not requiring you to dress in business attire – taking a few steps back will shoot your forward for the future. If you have been in Taiwan for a number of years then most likely you have gotten used to all the common routines and fun things offered. It’s not time to start thinking about how you can shape a better future for yourself. If you want to know the best way to get back to your home country and get in a field in which you previously had no experience then start off by doing so abroad. This is one of the most under rated forms of gaining experience and value available.

You may be considering getting into sales or a project manager position back in the USA or Canada, but having no experience. However, in Taiwan it almost seems ridiculous but its true when we say that if you simply speak the target language of the market the position is after and present yourself as an ambitious person who will try their best, there is a very high possibility you will get the position especially because you are a foreigner. You may enter not knowing anything and suck at the job for quite some time but eventually you will get better and your resume will look impressive. If you show 2-3 years sales experience while abroad, you can market yourself as an internationals sales rep who knows Chinese business/culture, which nowadays sticks out as a must have. Your standard of living may decrease for those 2-3 years and you may very well have no vacation time the first year, but what it creates in the long term such as opening the doors for some good career prospects back in your home country will free you from your resume looking like an English teacher. Many foreigners find themselves stuck after years of teaching and do not know how they can apply it to something else, which almost causes them to rethink returning back to their home country because they are simply unemployable.

Some other resources you can check out are Tealit’s “other jobs” section and There are often English positions related to media and sales posted but you should note these are highly competitive. We think you if you haven’t already, take the time to invest in learning Chinese and get into these job banks ASAP either with the help of friends or your own struggle, for it will help you find a new career path.

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