Kaohsiung Museum of History hosts “Time traveling, Kaohsiung 1930”

Do you still remember the scene in the famous movie “Back to the future”, the fantastic story of taking time machine travel from 1985 to 1955? The Kaohsiung Museum of History has made itself a time machine this time, hosting “Time traveling, exclusive exhibition of Kaohsiung 1930” and bring visitors back to the Taiwan of hundreds’ years ago. And discover the origin and the meaning of the traveling.

The history of traveling is not as long as we thought. Because traveling can only be an essential part of people’s leisure activities under stable political and economic environment. Also, the convenient transportation infrastructure is needed.

The exclusive exhibition seems like the time machine that leads the visitors back to the start of Taiwan. So they can understand when the indispensable traveling in the modern life has started and how it evolved.

The exclusive exhibition tells that in 1908 the railway that travel all over Taiwan started, kicking off the tourism industry in Taiwan. After Prince Hirohito’s tour in Taiwan in 1923 and the election activity of the “Top 8 attractions in Taiwan” of 1927, the tourism started to become popular. The “40 anniversary of Taiwan under the governance of Japan Expo” has opened the era of tourism, when it reached the peak time.

Zhuang Yongming, Taiwan Culture and history expert says, the year 1930 is the booming era of the development of Taiwan’s literature, art, and music. It is also when people in Taiwan start to understand traveling. The exclusive exhibition is beyond your imagination, many of which is first time shown in front of the public.

The head of the Kaohsiung Museum of History Yang Xianfei says the exclusive exhibition has not only reviewed the old Kaohsiung in 1930, but also it hopes to give visitors the opportunity to observe the new Kaohsiung now and experience the beauty and the change of the local culture.

The exclusive exhibition will start today till February next year. There are 6 themes “When traveling becomes a possibility”, “The coming of the tourism era”, “Ready to go traveling”, “Come and go to Kaohsiung”, “The meaning of traveling”, “Once you walk pass it, you will take the memories”.

No matter is the documentaries in the Taiwan expo, or the return bus and ship tickets from Kaohsiung to Tokyo, the buffalo horn saucer, landscape commemorative chapter and other feature local products, all of them are putting people in the setting of the 1930’s tourism atmosphere. For more information on the exhibition, please go to the website of the Kaohsiung Museum of History.

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