Kinmen Attractions – What to See in Kinmen

Kinmen is a group of islands in Taiwan. Speaking of specialty products, people would think about brittle, sorghum, noodle; speaking of attractions, people will think the strong sense of battlefield. But the beauty of the Kinmen is not just this. “My hometown is known as outer island.” The local girl Cleo shared a lot of pretty pictures on Instagram, making people surprised about the location where the pictures are taken is in Kinmen. Let a lot of people want to plan a trip to Kinmen.

  1. Xinhu Fishing Harbor

The Xinhu Fishing Harbor is located in Jinhu Town. It is location of the biggest fishing base with the biggest fishing facility. There is bunker resting section, golden beach, and Ciluan Temple and other attractions with both religion’s purpose and resting purpose. The white tetrapod used as protection has become the popular photo shooting locations for the students in Kinmen.

  1. Mashan Observatory

The Mashan Observatory is the place that is closest to the other side. The Observatory is located in the narrow tunnel. When the weather is good, you can see every movement on the other side clearly. The Mashan Coast is quite good to shot.

  1. North Mountain Broadcasting Wall

It is similar to the Camera Café from the Korea. The North Mountain Broadcasting Wall in Kinmen was used as the tool to communicate with the mainland China during the war time. Not only in North Mountain, there is one in Mashan too. The three-storey concrete wall has installed 48 speakers, facing Xiamen. It is said that the sound made from the speakers can be heard from 25 km away.

  1. Shuangkou Beach

The blue sky, white cloud, and blue coast line together. The Shuangkou Beach on the Lieyu Island, has not only the pretty view of the sea, there is a base made from concrete on the shore. The purpose is to prevent landing of the enemy’s boat during the high tide.

  1. Cihu Levee

Among the 10 attractions in Kinmen, the sunset at Cihu is one of them. Cihu is a Salt Lake surrounded by Chihu Levee. It is connected to the sea and has rich resources of fish and shrimp, which has attracted many people to come here to fish. Also, it is a important location to observe cormorants.

  1. Deyue Building

When you come to Kinmen, you should not miss the most representative – Deyue Tower, which is part of the Huang Huihuang Building. It is built to prevent the robbery. It is used to observe the situation at the harbor. The building was the tallest architecture in Shuitou area. The Huang Huihuang Building has three parts, Deyue Building, Fake house and main architecture. Three parts have their own characteristic. They are all easy to take pictures and meaningful.

  1. Chen Qingji House

Cheng Qingji House is the wealthy man Chen Qingji built at his hometown. It is located in the East half of the Jinsha Town of Kinmen. There are not many tourists in the quiet village. The most stylish building thing you will notice first is the Chen Qingji House. Later, the movie “Paradise in Service” was shot here. Slowly, more and more tourists come to here. Each brick and tile, inside the house and outside, has a lot of historical stories.

  1. Chen Jinglan House

Founded by Mr. Chen Jinglan, it used to be a free elementary school. After the war, it became the damaged building. Late, the government of Kinmen has renovated this house and restarted this place. It has made what it looks like it now.

  1. Shaxi Fort

Outside the fort and the tunnel, there is wooden trail and pavilion planed. You can shoot the popular long ladder in Taiwan. In the background of blue sky, pretty view of the sea, which looks very fancy. From the pavilion, you can see the view of the sea during the sunset is even more charming. If you are interested in military, you might want to experience the old life of the soldier stationed here.

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