Best Places to See Lavender in Full Bloom in China

Because of lavender, many people known the Provence in Frence, Furano in Japan. However, you may not know, that the Yili River Valley in China and the southwest region also have the romantic lavender. You don’t have to travel abroad to lose in the fragrance of the lavender.

Yili, Xinjiang:

The “Provence” in China

The Yili River Valley is known as the “Jiangnan in the northern frontier”. It has the similar latitude and soil conditions compare to Provence. In the Summer season, Yili River have more than twenty thousand acres of lavender land flow with the wind. June to August every year, when the lavender season comes, the whole places look like they are wearing a purple coat. Every year around mid-June, the Huocheng, Yili, Xinjiang will host Lavender Tourism Festival. The 65th division is the earliest base, where the lavender was plant. Now, it has over 40-year history. And the whole area of lavender is more than 95% of the country’s total plant area. This place is called the “Oriental Provence” by many people.

Traveling tip: taking flight from Guangzhou to Urumqi, then transfer to Yili. For accommodation, you can select Yili Friendship Hotel, Red Flag Hotel, Hulaijia Hotel and others. The food here is the Yili’s soup, milk tea, flavor buns, mutton pilaf, hot bottle, bloody sausage, naren and others, which are have strong flavor of that nation.

Kunming, Yunnan:

Covered with the sea of lavender

Every year mid-June, the lavender in Kunming will bloom everywhere. Among them, the lavender sea in the Haidong Wetland Park is amazing. Beside enjoy the lavender, here at the Haidong Wetland you can enjoy the “Sleeping beauty” – west hill and listen to the sound of the Dianchi. And the lavender garden in the west side of the Sightseeing park will also compete now. The lavender will not wait to attract the bees and butterflies. At the same time, the willo whip grass will not fell behind and try their best to bloom. The flowering period of lavender is very long, normally lasting for 10 months.

The Lavender Par in the countryside of Kunming is gaining fame in the past two years. There are three places in the 6,000 square meters that have plant lavender, and continue to expand the scale and variety. The Biji Expo Park has more than 10,000 sm lavender planted. The tiny purple buds are blooming in the sun. It is said that the Biji Expo Park exhibition hall has specially provided a plank road for visitors to see.

Travel tips: taking flight from Guangzhou to Kunming, then you can go to any parks for the lavender. For accommodation, you can choose Hotel Preference Haily Binya, Long Way Hotel, Dianchi Spring Garden Hotel and others. The trendy food and shopping locations in Kunming are the Eastern and Western Pagodas, Guandu old town food street.

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