The Little Kenting in Fujian – The Zhenhaijiao in Zhangzhou

People has been to Kenting all remember that grassland, facing the sea. It is warm and has flowers blossom.

By the beach of the Dragon Sea in Zhangzhou, Fujian, there is also such a grassland. When you camp here in a sunny day, you will have the nice mood facing the sea and felling the warm weather and the flowers blossom. That is the Zhenhaijiao.

The little Kenting – Zhenhaijiao are next to Xiamen. There is rarely any people know the existence of the place. But people who has been there, they are all amazed.

镇海角在镇海卫伸出海边的凸出地,There are two lighthouses, one new and one old. The new one is still in use. The old one has been abandoned. Here is also the divider of the Yellow sea and south sea.

They look like two lonely old men, who are waiting and protecting each tide going up and down. Does it feel like the Dongji Island in the movie “The Continent”?

If you drive there, there are many pretty views on the road. When you drive forward with the GPS, where you cannot see the end. It feels like you are running to the edge of the world.

When you reached Zhenhaijiao, there is the 300-degree view of the sea in front of you. Under your feet, it is the grassland that is filled with flowers. In the places far away, there are the lighthouses with red and white stripes… It feels like in the move.

There are many tourists, driving or riding bikes. There are many people whole has put up tents to camp here. If you have enough time, it is recommended to come during weekdays.

In such place with not many tourists, the sea is yours, the wind is yours, the grassland is yours, and the whole world is yours.

Getting wild in the Zhenhaijiao

You can resting by yourself, you can enjoy the company with two, or you can go crazy with a bunch of friends… no matter how many people are you, you can be wild in such place.

When the wind blows, the grass waves. Even though there is no sheep, but there are some cows eating grass here very relaxed. The time here goes slowly.

It is told the containers are left from the movie shooting scene… the blue sky, the blue sea, everything is indescribable pretty…

The wood filled with romantic sentence should have been left by moving shooting.

Not far away, there is swing, seesaw … you can only hear the wind and sound of the waves hitting the rocks.

Sitting in the sea near the edge of the cliff, shouting towards the sea, getting out the emotions that have been compressed for so long, leaving them all in the sea.

Camping for the sky of stars

If the weather is good, take you camping equipment. In someplace in Zhenhaijiao, let’s camping.

A couple of friend, food and wine, there is the sound of waves far away. There is all sort of joys and laughs around the tent.

In the evening, you see the stars in the sky. The night sky you haven’t seen for a while.

I can’t stop thinking about the night with the sky full of stars when I was a kid. Even if the worry-free time is only a little bit, that’s not bad.

See the sun rising from the sea

Watching sunrise on the top of the mountain, watching sunrise by the sea, watching sunrise on the grassland, have you ever seen the sunrise at the edge of the sea?

Doesn’t matter if you drive here, or camp for a night, you can all wait here to see the sunrise.

The cloud is low, when the sun is slowly reaching the level of the sea, breaking out the cloud, spreading the light of the sunrise, lighting up the sea, the sky and also your mood for the day.

Starting the photo taking mode

The Zhenhaijiao is very suitable to take picture.

If you like to take pretty picture, then choose a nice weather and go to the edge of the world, try you best to pose.

The lighthouses far away, the grassland under your feet, the sea in front of you, no matter which scene, it will make you fascinated by it.

Among these, no matter you are running away, or stay at the same place, they are all very pretty.

The beauty of this moment, has all froze here.

Traveling tip

Location: Zhenhai Village, Longjiao, Honghai, Zhangzhou, Fujian


Start from Xiamen:

From Xiamen tourist ferry terminal, take the boat to Zhangzhou Port, then take the bus to Baitang or Volcano island. Total trip is 1.5 hour to 2 hours.

Driving direction:

Using the GPS, searching for Zhenhai Vilalge, Longhai or Qiwei Mountain

You came to this world without anything

You did everything for that sea

This Zhenhaijiao that you haven’t heard yet

Maybe is the place you were searching for.

If you go to Xiamen again, don’t forget this little Kenting

It is worth going!

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