5 Choices to Have the Best View of Lotus Flowers in Taipei

Under the sunny sunlight in the summer, it is the best season to enjoy the view of lotus flowers. In the concrete jungle of Taipei, there are many hidden places to have the best view of lotus flowers. Not only can you take pretty pictures, but also meet the garden of lotus flowers that seems travel through time. Also, you can see the healing scenery of Taipei 101 reflects in the water.

  1. National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall “Garden of the Lotus Flowers” – reflection of the Taipei 101

The National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall is in fact a park that combined outdoor sports, entertainment, cultural and social activities. The Cui Lake on the southeast side of the park has planted the lotus flowers in a circulated way. Even though the quantity is not large, the color of the lotus flower is freshly green. And the reflections of the memorial hall and Taipei 101 make the scene dreamy and touching.

  1. Huashan Cultural Park – Lotus Flowers Pool, seducing the photographers to capture the moment

Huashan Cultural Park is the favorite location for people who loves culture and art. In the back of the park, near the Central Culture and Art Park, there is an elegant lotus flower pool. Here, you can see the white and pink lotus flowers blossom and the breeze gently touches the lotus leaves. It has attracted many photographers to come here early in the morning, capturing the lotus flowers stand on the surface of the water.

  1. Become the “king” of the Shuangxi Park – showing your Qinggong technique and walk on the water

Shuangxi Park in Shilin, Taipei has recently hold Exhibition of Victoria Fantasy Floating. In the park, you can find hundreds of Victoria, which is the only place has the most number of Victoria in single location. And the event opens to public, who can experience the ride on the Victoria for free. The leaf’s diameter is about 1 to 2 foots, can take 70 to 80 km. The first openings of 200 seats has already been taken on the first of the registration online.

  1. Botanic Garden “Pool of the Lotus Flowers” – feel like time traveling

Not far away from the Presidential Office Building, the Botanic Garden is the important green attraction in Taipei. What’s more, it is the first Botanic Garden in Taipei with over a hundred years of history. The garden is about 8.2 hectares and has more than 2,000 types of plants, among which the pool of the lotus flowers is one of the famous attractions. With the National Museum of History’s red wall and green tiles in the background, it feels like traveling through time.

  1. Visiting the National Palace Museum, and go to see the pool of lotus flowers in the way, the paradise in the metropolis

To stay in cold in the hot summer at the National Palace Museum, besides watching the exhibition, the Zhideyuan Park next to the National Palace Museum provides a place for people to rest, or wandering the wooden trails around the pool, enjoy the quiet paradise hidden inside the metropolis, and counting the lotus flowers in purple, red, pink and white. The main style of the park is Chinese garden. It has an antique styled pavilion.

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