Love Letter Records Circulating in Taipei

Due to work, we are lucky to have the chance to go to another side of the sea – Taiwan. We walk among the mountains, water and city, visiting places of historic interest, experiencing the culture and custom, and trying to use simple, sincere, concise, and passionate way to record what the island indeed look like in our hearts. We wrote 20 love letters to tell our love for Taiwan.

According to the report from CIIC Training Center, the first letter comes from the girl – Xu Yiran, born in the 90s; she used to introduce herself “the wind blows slowly, it still as usual”. As an Aries, she is indeed a woman like the wind: direct, enthusiastic, travel unplanned is normal for her. Having left footprints in many places in the world, she has a special feeling about Taiwan. The high execution of Aries made her cannot wait to write the first love letter.

The first page of Taipei, love letter

I have watched a movie “One Page Taipei” a few years ago. I was attracted by this unique name at that time. It is hard to refuse such a sense of freshness. In Eslite bookstore, there is always crowded but quiet. No matter what ages are they, they wander in the sea of the book. Some sitting on the floor, some thinking with their heads bowed, resting, reading hard with their head buried in the book. The busy scene outside the windows seems to have nothing to do with them. Busy and quiet, they can be together harmonious.

There are many legends about Taipei, the night life on East Zhongxiao Road, the dazzling scenes at East Nanjing Road, the bright night at 101, it likes the most commercial cities in the world: they are beautiful without the soul.

Walking on the street of Taipei, warm wind gentle blows on the face, the motorcycles drive as faster as race car at F1, leaving the sound of booming, which does not affect it to line closely when it stops. When I first came to Taipei, it annoyed me so much that the trash can. You cannot find many anywhere. But it does not prevent Taipei to become a dustless garden city.

Used to the crowed metro station in Beijing, I have gained indescribable envy about the fact that you do not need to worry that you will not have a seat on the metro station in Taipei. I often see young mothers in Taiwan taking several kids traveling easily alone. I remembered in Beijing, even 4 adults with one kid, there is still occasion they will lose the kid. I admire the most that traveling from Taipei City Center to the suburb with green mountains and water takes you less than one hour by metro.

Even though Taipei is not big, facilities are not worth than the metropolis in mainland China. The entire city feels old, but it does not affect the living’s here. In the beautiful morning, if you want a cup of coffee, you can go downstairs turn left or right, there might be a nice coffee shop stood at the corner with the aroma of cake. Work until noon, you are still hesitating in making decision on what to eat? You don’t have to. Within a radius of 100 meters of your company, there must be a cheap but nice restaurant waiting for you. Don’t want to go outside, calling take outs? No problems, Taiwan’s lunchboxes are famous for its high quality and low price.

Feel bored after work? Wondering where to go with several friends? Duxiaoyue on Yongkang Street, Ding Tai Feng, Formosa Chang, or RoseMary, Italian Restaurant, Gastropub, or various night market, Ningxia Road, Raohe, Liaoning Street, or Shida-styled.

Of course, the most heart-warming is the people in Taipei. The phrase of “The most beautiful thing in Taipei is not the scene but the people” is well-known. The tourists from mainland China not only satisfy their desire for the Zintun and Ali Mountain they had since they were little, but they might also want to experience in person whether the beautiful scenery is the same as what has been told.

People here in Taipei are very busy. The peak hour in the morning and evening, the traffic jam, the white-collar office workers in the metro, people playing with their phone and reading news on their phone are not different from that of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Walking on the street that is not too wide, you can see smiles on people’s faces, men and women, old and young. It is a state of relaxing that is hard to find in Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou. If you get lost, you can find a random person on the street to answer your question patiently. If the destination is not too far away, they are even willing to take you there.

People in Taipei is very polite. No matter if they are the shop assistants at the department store or the stall owners at the night market, they will smile to you and bow to thank you sincerely after you pay the bill. For tourists who come to Taiwan for the first time, the simple “thank you” will make them feel so warm.

If you want the prosperous of the big metropolis, you should not come to Taipei because it is a city of culture and art. If you want to have a fest of delicacies gluttonous food, you should not come to Taipei, because the best foods are all inside the night market.

If you want to shop famous brand from Europe and America, you should not come to Taipei because they will be cheaper in Hong Kong, Singapore, and South Korea. The souvenirs for tourists in Taiwan is filled with a sense of culture. Each piece of exquisite gifts will make you surprised that Chinese culture can be presented in such a creative way.

If you want to find the lost traditional Chinese Culture, please come to Taipei. Here, every brick and tile, an eyeful of traditional Chinese characters remind you quietly the root of the Chinese culture has been preserved here completely.

If you want to experience the warm-hearted people, you must come to Taipei. The enthusiastic and friendly people will make you want to stay.

If you want a cultural fest, you must come to Taipei. The 24 hours Eslite Bookstore, the Live Music show in Ximending, the exhibition in Huashan Culture Creative Park, and the Hollywood movie that almost play in the theaters at the same time of North America, you cannot miss them.

If you want … This is Taipei, even if it is late, or the life is voluptuous, you cannot avoid the tranquility after seeing all the prosperous. Welcome you to come, welcome you to come again.

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