Japanese “Medical Museum” Running in Taipei

More and more Japanese Medical Stores are opening up in Taiwan, selling various Japanese cosmeceutical, food and commodities. The Japanese Medical Store in South Ximenting Road, also functioned as Japanese Medical Museum of Showa era. So people can come here to memory the past and visit.

On the first to third floor, the commodities are sold. On one side of the third floor, it is the entrance to the Japanese Medical Museum. The Totoro bus station nearby the stair at the entry of the Japanese Medical Museum seems to give a sense of confliction to the retro atmosphere of Showa era. But you have to say it is a lovely landscape.

Once you walked up the stair, you can see the big red lantern hanging up high on the “U Tiger Shrine”.

The bright red Torii is full of Japanese-style.

Shrines are the belief indication of Japanese people. The new year each year is the busiest time of the shrines. Visiting shrines, praying, shaking out a joss stick and hoping everything will go well in the new year. Besides the New Year, for important dates, the events will be held in the shrines.

One glance you can see everything at the Japanese Medical Museum, lined with various shops from Showa era on both sides. It feels like taking the time machine back to Showa era, in the mood of nostalgia and remembering the good old time.

Matsumoto Medical Store, have you seen it before? How many medicines you have taken from here?

The general store used to be “Dagashiya”, selling groceries, many candies and toys and all sorts of goods, like a small treasure trove, you can come here searching for old memories.

The little retro robot stands in the window display and says hello to the guests passing by.

“Showa treatment room”, an old Vespa motorcycle was staged in front of the treatment room. Perhaps, the doctor was making home visitors with such vehicle back then.

An old Chinese medicine store – “Ominedo Chinese Medicine Store”, the equipment of the Chinese medicine store is just displayed on the table.

Nakadoh Cosmetic Stores, selling only drugs, cosmetics, daily necessities and personal care products, is called Cosmeceutical in Japan that sells both drug and cosmetics.

Inside “U Tiger Spa”, it sells bathing packages from famous hot springs all over Japan. You can enjoy the famous hot springs in Japan at home without going to Japan in person.

Next to the Spa, it’s the “Shizuoka Tea House”. Drinking tea in Japan has a very exquisite culture. The procedure of brewing the real tea is very complicated, but making a good cup of tea is worth it. There is free barley tea at the scene.

Every corner is so distinctive and traditional.

Finally, leaving the Japanese Medical Stores with a bunch of Japanese soda purchased at half the price of the ones ordered in a restaurant. I will share more next time.

Even though the museum is not very large, but it is filled with retro atmosphere. The scenes are really easy for taking the photo. Seeing so many high-rise buildings and hiding yourself inside the museum to memorize the life in the 50s, you can feel the warmth flow all over your body.

Japanese Medical Stores


Address: No. 83 South Xining Road, Wanhua, Taipei

Museum Opening hour: 14:00 – 21:00 (Monday to Sunday)

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