Visiting Taiwan’s Miaoli on the high-speed rail

The Culture and Tourism Bureau of Miaoli County Government announced today; it takes less than one hour to get to Miaoli County from Taipei or Taizhong to take the high-speed train. Miaoli County is the only one, who has two towns certified as the slow city by Cittaslow International. The county provides convenient shuttle bus, providing the new base for traveling slowly around the village.

Since high-speed train entered Miaoli city, it has shortened the traveling time between south and north greatly. The Culture and Tourism Bureau says, the tourists, who take the high-speed train to Maoli, can take the shuttle bus 101A and 101B. The 101A passes the historic stations Danwen Train Station, and Miaobei Art and Cultural Center. When you get to the Zhunan Train Station, you can take the transit to the Nanzhuang Village, the international slow city and experience the aboriginal culture as well as the beauty of the old streets in the town.

The 101B route can take the tourists to Miaoli featured a museum, the Industrial Park. The final destination is set up at the administration of the Shei-pa National Park. Besides the pretty view of the mountain and rivers, the unique eco-system, you can find the Dahu Farm, Dahu Schokolake, and other attractions, where you can pick the fruits from the tree and parent and kids DIY activities.

The Hakka Affairs Council also planned three shuttle buses from Miaoli High-Speed Train Station to go to different attractions in Hakka Images, including the Taiwan Hakka Cultural Development Center in Tongluo County and Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum. Sanyi County is not only famous in the whole Taiwan for its wood sculpture, but also become it has been certified by Cittaslow International with Nanzhuang County. Now, it has become the county with the most tourism potential in Miaoli County.

The mountains and seas in Miaoli county both have their own features. The travelers that like sea can choose to take the bus to Tongxiao Qiao Park, Yuanli Lingcao Museum or Tongxiao beach resort.

The Culture and Tourism Bureau of Miaoli County Government says, accompanied the hot tourist’s season during the summer vacation, the “Travel in Miaoli” magazine placed at the Tourist Service Center of the High-Speed Train Station has a complete traveling plan. It hopes to build a new traveling formula for the west coast city of the slow cities.

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