Monuments day – free entrance, 61 places open today in Taipei City

The third Saturday and Sunday of each September is the national Monuments day. The Taipei City Archives has launched “Open door of historical sites” activity yesterday and today. There will be 61 historical sites and museum open to the public for free. However, because of the Typhoon Malakas, yesterday’s activity was canceled. Only today is left. The host urges the public to take the time to visit the historical sites that are not opened normally. The Executive Yuan, Taiwan, the Presidential Palace and other historical places, where you have to make appointment if you want to visit or you can visit the on the internet. However, today, it opens to the public, everyone can visit freely. The Presidential Palace have performance on the day. The details can be found on the official website; you can search on

Performance in the Presidential palace, free gift at the Executive Yuan of Taiwan.

In Taipei City, there are total 61 historical places and museums, which will open to public on the Monuments day for free. The Presidential Palace, Executive Yuan of Taiwan, Academia Historica, Taipei Guest House, The Control Yuan of Taiwan, Taiwan Normal Education Museum, Postal Museum North Gate Branch, Jianzhong Red House, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Historical Museum, 228 National Museum, Museum of Drinking Water, National Taiwan Arts Education Center, Zhongshan Presbyterian Church, the former residence of Liang Shiqiu and others. The Presidential Palace opens today from 8 in the morning till 4 in the afternoon. There is performance you can watch. The Executive Yuan will open at 8 am to the 4 pm. Every visitor will receive free gift. The Academia Historica, Taipei Guest House, Tri-Service General Hospital Beitou Branch, ZHongxing Guesthouse, Local Education Center in Taipei, Qing Dynasty Taiwan Provincial Administration Hall and other places will also give free gift out. Leputing, No. 1 Barn, and Chen Dexing and other places have guided tour.

In additional, the Taipei City Archives will launch “the master of history” activity, the guided tour of six colors routes. Red is representing Ximenting, Orange for Dalongdong, Yellow for the City of Taipei, Green means the area of Monga, Blue represents the south gate and purple means the legend of the ancient culture, such as the guided tours in Ketagalan Culture Center. Among the routes, the red and green routes have guided parent and children tour, and sign language. The orange route also has guided parent and children tour. The yellow route has guided English tour. From October 1st to November 26th, on each Saturday, there will be “Historical sites half day tour” activity. It plans 2 themes routes with 4 guided tours.

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