Ten most beautiful architectures in Taiwan

The searching for the beautiful old architectures in Taiwan, each one is the hotspot for check-in. Which one you haven’t been to? The old the architectures are the frozen moment of time, standing in the fast changing view of the city. Getting closer to them, looking at them, it is not hard to image their prosperity in the old time. Now, editor will show you the wonderful urban aesthetics.

No. 10 Hualian Jian Shrine

The building was built in 1917 located in Hualian, it was built to help comfort the Japanese immigrants’ homesick. Thus, they build this temple, filled with edo style, in the name of religion. It is said that the invited 88 stone Buddha from Japan, so the Japanese immigrants can visit. Till now, this Shrine is the most complete Japanese Temple in the east. The important cultural relics have been kept inside the temple till now, filling the whole temple with the quiet and solemn atmosphere.

No. 9 Hualian Pine Garden

If you come to Hualian for the first time, and want to visit the beautiful architecture, then you should not miss the Pine Garden hidden in the downtown of Hualian. The Pine Garden built around 1943, because it is located in a place high, therefore, it was once the crucial commanding center for Japanese army. The beautiful western-styled arcade is the main feature of the garden, adding the 60 trees older than 100 years. The bushy forest, blue sky, sitting in the Pine Garden, walking in the garden, enjoy a relax atmosphere.

No. 8 Former British Consulate at Takao

The Former British Consulate at Takao was built in 1879. It is first official British Consulate in Taiwan. Because of the long history and it has experience several political power transfer, these two pretty architectures have been mistaken for nearly 70 years. It has get the real name back until 2005. Next time when you visit the pretty Consulate and official residence, don’t mistake them again.

No. 7 Taipei Post Office

The first Taipei Post Office was built in 1898. It was a two-story Japanese styled wooden building. However, it was destroyed in a fire in 1913. The Japanese architecture has restored the building in the original site, which was completed in 1930. It was the biggest post office during that time. The build-in ceiling and the interior design can show you the characteristics of the Japanese style. Echoing with the North Gate, shows the beauty of the city in different time. Glimpsing the view of the time in the past.

No. 6 Xiyou Chuzhangsuo in Tainan

The Xiyou Chuzhangsuo located in Taiwan, is the Salt Bureau during the Japanese Colonial Era. It has over hundred year of history till now. The Japanese dormitory next door is the temporary residence build for the stay of the Japanese Prince. In terms of architecture, no matter the post, windows, or the roof tiles have maintained its original style. The Xiyou Chuzhang nowadays is still selling salt for living and offering many salt products. If you have the chance to visit Tainan, don’t forget to come to Xiyou Chuzhangsuo, which is famous for salt.

No. 5 Taiwan Sugar Museum

The Qiaotou Sugar Factory has 112 years of history. It is the first modern mechanical sugar factory. The Sugar Factory, Japanese styled huts, and even the red brick tower have been kept perfectly. Because of the vast tract of the sugar factory, you can rent a bike and cycle around the sugar factory. If you are tired, you can even buy popsicle.

No. 4 Taipei Guest House

Build during the Japanese Colonial Era, it was originally the house of the Governor – General of Taiwan. Now, it is the “National Guest House”, which is place to entertain important foreign guests or celebrates or host special celebration event. The baroque styled carvings, with wide balconies on four sides, it is convenient for you to see the view in the streets. Even though, the Taipei Guest House is used for the reception of foreign guests, since 2008, every Saturday, visitors can enter the guest house for visiting.

No. 3 Miyahara

The almost disappeared Miyahara due to the 921 earthquake, Typhoon Kameij and the suffered from the severe damage of the its structure. The Miyahara is now the most popular ice-cream store in Taizhong. The owner has renovated the building, but kept the historical red brick wall, archway, creating a strong sense of nostalgia. The tall and retro styled western librarian style, brightening your eyes. It is the best model of the combination of old and new.

No. 2 Shilin Official Residence

The “Shilin Horticultural Experimental Station: during the Japanese Colonial Era later becomes the Shilin Official Residence for Chiang Kai-Shek. Now, it has become the popular entertainment place for publics. There are sometimes flower exhibitions here. It is also first choice for photo shootings for newly married couples. The whole residence is divided by outside garden, inner garden, and main house. The wall surrounding the main house is based on green. Even though, the appearance looks simple, the interior decoration is full of elegant design.

No.1 Hinoki Village

The biggest gathering of Japanese styled residence, used to be the staff dormitory of forest bureau during Japanese Colonial Era. From the design, you can tell the different classification of position. And there is bathroom and guest house. The design is clean and simple, providing all the functions for living. After renovation and planning for 4 years, the Hinoki Village has brought back its old style. The building was reproduced completely. It even the shooting place for the famous movie “Kano”. Walking inside the village, you feel like walking on the street in Japan. Elegant, quiet, no wonder it is unforgettable. Don’t know where to start your trip? Come and have a trip in the city.

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