Mother’s Day Spots and Activities in Taipei

The Mother’s Day is coming. You can bring your mom to enjoy the delicious food in Taipei Night Market, the hot spring in Beitou, a cup of tea and riding on the cable car on Maokong. There are countless benefits waiting for you to take the treasure hunt. Do you know there are many featured business districts? If you look carefully, you can find the special styled business districts. For example, in Dihua Business District you kind find the famous “Local Groceries”. In Maokong you can enjoy good authentic tea. In the Daqiaotou Business District, you can eat the traditional Onion Caozaiguo. At the North Gate, in the Camera Business District you can experience the advantage brought by technology. In New Beitou hot spring business district you can enjoy the warm hot spring and the various cultures of business district.

From May 6th to May 8th, the “Taipei Life Festival – Business District Carnival – Taste of Taipei” activity will be holed in Taipei Expo Park in Yuanshan. You can enjoy everything at one time. This week also happens to be the Mother’s Day. There are many stalls such as DIY jewelry, family photo shooting salon and others. These are all what moms would be interested in. You are welcome to bring your mom here to enjoy these together.

The Director of the Department of Economic Development Taipei City Government, Lin Chong-jie, says at the scene of Taipei Life Festival, it will gather featured stores in about 30 featured business districts, with a total of 108 stalls. So people can experience all the featured business districts in one day. The 3 day life festival scene includes four themes of the urban food, entertainment culture, simple fashion and technological life. It presents the features of Taipei’s Business Districts. For example, the urban food has Shilin District, Ningxia District. The entertainment culture includes Gongguan Business District, East Chongqing Book Street. The simple fashion contains Chaoyang Business District, and Aidong Wedding Dresses Street. The technological life has North Gate Camera Street and Underground Street of Taipei City. The organizer hopes to increase the publicity and business opportunities, and let the people to enjoy the features of the business districts in Taipei once.

Additionally, from 26th to May 1st, it will hosts “Customized Light Travel Recommendation Activities for Loved Moms” for 6 days as the gifts to moms. It invites residents to recommend the business districts they want to bring their moms to experience the most. Such as Dihua Business District’s “Nutrition Condition, getting back to youth – Treasure Hunt in Old Street Turn Your Mom into Sister” or East Aidong Road Wedding Dresses Street “Sweet Wedding Photo Shooting Places – Let Mom Reliving the Happiness of Wedding Dress”. There is total 27 customized traveling that can be selected for residents to recommend. The results will be published on May 6th at Taipei Life Festival. The residents who participated in the recommendation activity have the chance to win 10,000 shopping funds.

At the Life Festival scene there will be sweepstakes. The prize includes limited Taipei Twin Towers Souvenir and more than 300,000 yuan cash voucher or store coupons. Also, there is mom bear DIY gifts giveaway; Maokong tea culture introduction and mask dance South Island of Chaoyang. Residents are welcome to participate with their family members. Besides, on May 7th and may 8th residents can also roll their sleeves to donate their blood.

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