Mountain and Lake Views in China

Early 2017, the ancient drama of Once Upon a Time was a hit, making everyone curious about the heaven like places. Such a dreamy place, must be a scene that is make up!

However, the foggy mountain, the bridge and water, the flowers all over the mountain, they are all real scene. The shooting place is the Puzhehei, Yunan, which is famous due to the parents and children show – Daddy, where are we going.

Puzhehei, the meaning of which in Yi language is “pond with many fish and shrimps”, is located in the Qiubei County, Yunnan. It belongs to the Southeast Yuanan karst area and is the typical karst landform.

Although Puzhehei only covers 165 square km, but it has 312 isolated peaks, 83 various caves, 54 clear and sparkling lake, 13 km breathtaking canyon, 40 thousand mu wetlands, 3 km ancient and mysterious Chama Road, 20 thousand mu clear water with one special name, that’s it.

Then, what’s beauty of this place that unintentionally touched the deep corner of people’s heart, where they pursue for the beauty?

  1. Lakes and mountains

The mountain in Puizhehei is different than other place, where they are connected. It is more like Mongolian tents that are separated from each other. In the area of 45 square km, there are 312 perks with an average height 78 meters. They are in different heights, different shapes, unique and attractive, and breathtaking.

There are many lakes in Puzhehei. In the 20 km coast there are 54 lakes with different sides. They look like the pearls that are distributed on the earth, shining under the sunlight.

  1. Wonders of the karst

Because of the special landform, Puzhihei has the mysterious and special group of karsts with water inside. The caves are hidden inside the mountain, the water is hidden inside the caves. Observing the peaks under water is even more amazing, now as the “Guilin in Yunnan”.

Among these, the Torch Cave, Fairy Cave, Shenyi Cave, and Moon Cave has the most ornamental value. The caves are wide, which are easy to get in out. There are many stalagmites inside, weird looked stones, clear and sparking, and colorful, forming the natural wonder underground of “weird stone, water, and caves”.

  1. The world of the lotus flowers

Every year between June and September, Puzhehei will become the sea of lotus flower. In the wetland park, there are 190 variety of lotus blossom. White ones look like snow, pink ones look like afterglow. They look even more slim with the green leaves in the background.

Coming to Puzhehei in this season, boating in thousands of lotus flowers, smelling the fresh aroma in the air, it is quite the scene of “accidently entered deep inside the lotus flower, getting lost in the scene.”

  1. Paradise of migratory birds

Puzhehei is the well-deserved paradise of migratory birds. There are more than 200 types of wetland animals’ habitat in this area. The reflections in the lake are the elegant white swans and black swans. There are a group of egrets fly over the sky. Looking at this, would you want to be a bird and settle down here?

  1. Water town of Yi

The Eco and Cultural Village of Yi, where there are a lot of Yi people living here, is located between the lakes and mountains. You can choose the busy Puzhehei, or you can choose the Fairy Cave Village that has a strong Sani Culture. If you want to experience the karst landform, Anuo Villiage is the best choice.

  1. Farmland on the water

When you arrive at Puzhehei, you heart will slowly calm down in this farmland on the water.

Looking at the farmers holding the cow slowly, or children blow the whistling at the sheep and walk relaxed in the road, you will start o envy. Envying that they are face the beautiful scenery every day and don’t have to live their lives under pressure.

These beautiful things gifted by the nature in Puzhehei, and the special folk’s activities in Puzhehei are also exceptional brilliant.

  1. Hulian Festival

Hulian Festival, is the most important traditional festival for Yi people in Qiubei, Yunnan. It is hosted on July 18 each year. Everyone carries the ashes from the pot and put it on another people’s face. It is told that the darker you face get, the better your relationship is. This is also the young Yi people select their crashes’ opportunity.

Now, thousands of people come to participate in the Hualian Festival each year, which has become the day to wish for getting happiness and auspicious. Locals believe, the darker your face get, the bigger the chance is to get happiness and auspicious.

  1. Boating and water gun fight

You have seen water gun fight before, but boating while have the water gun fight is not common. You can choose any path in the water and have a great fight in the water. For Puzhehei that is on the water, you can have a Songkran festival every day.

This is Puzhehei, a real paradise, where once you enter you will not want to leave.

Go to Puzhehei:

  1. Driving: start from Kunming and get to the second Ring Road to Xiaxi Village toll station, then drive alone the Kunshi High Way towards the Honghe direction. You can rest and dine on Mile, Pengpu and other service areas. Get off at (Wenshan/Nanning/Pengpu/Mengzi/G80/G326) exits – Wenshan/Nanning direction – Guangkun High Way (G80) – Get off at (Puzhehei Scenic Area/Tanfang) exits – Puzhehei, total about 330 km.
  2. By high speed train: taking high speed train from South Kunming to Puzhehei Station, total 1 hour and 19 minutes. The train is available between 7:14 to 20:30, price is 75 yuan per person (second class).
  3. By air: Kunming Changshui Airport – Puzhehei Airport (located in Yanshan County, Wenshan). From the airport to Puzhehei is about 90 km, you can drive, take a taxi or take the bus in Yanshan County to arrive at Qiubei County.
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