New Taipei City Mountain Climbing Festival

This year’s New Taipei City Mountain Climbing Festival is themed on “Deep into the mountain – Light traveling”, combined with health walking in the mountain, walking trail and guidance on the historical culture. Offered with group traveling package, the deep explore of the historical and cultural relic and observe the natural environment, hoping to bring a different perspective.

The City Tourist Bureau expressed that the “deep into the mountain – group trip” has selected five trails package trip to experience the different funs of mountain climbing. The package includes: 1. North Taiwan – Oku no Hosomichi trip, connecting the old trails of Beishixi and Wantan. You can walk along the clear and clean creek and explore the beauty of the old trails. The both sides of the trail are covered by the trees. Accompanied by the sound of the flowing water, the green and clear lake suddenly appeared in front of you after you walk around the corner.

  1. The trip of searching for the Lord of Soil and Ground. Hubao Lake Trail follows the architecture along the lakeside. It is flat to walk around, which is very suitable for parents with kids to travel around. Once you passed the old temple of the Lord of Soil and Ground, the Hubao Lake is right in front of your eyes. Besides the unique searching for the culture of the Lord of Soil and Ground, there is also special arrangement for the trip. The vegetables grew without pesticide is available at the Shoushangong Farmer’s Market, you can also enjoy the cuisine made from the local food without menu.
  2. Relaxing trip of up to the hill and down the sea. Qingshan Waterfall Trail is filled with trees, birds and insects. The “Qingshan Waterfall” is approximately 8 meter in height. Surrounded by the water vapor, it is magnificent as the Japanese Zhengma Waterfall. Additionally, combined with the completely different experience of riding a yacht, you can enjoy the pretty coast view of the “Jinshan Double Dock”, while eating the fisherman’s cuisine – fresh seafood rice flour soup. So you can get to knowledge the eco protection in the sea.
  3. The Little Baiyue Forest exploration trip. Visiting the Erge Mountain as one of the Little Baiyue. The trail is wide and clear, you have a broad view of the surroundings. The location at the top of the mountain has a perfect view for looking into the distance. You can overlook the Taipei Basin, Datun Mountains, Guanyin Mountain, and the area of Shenkeng, Shidian, and Emerald Reservoir. You can even see the view of Wuzhi Mountain and Qixing Mountain.

Apart from the vast beautiful scenes, you can go to the Qingshan Educational Farm and enjoy a vanilla themed meal, and experience the making your own vanilla tea bag.

  1. The trip of mountain climbing and overlooking the mountain groups. Visiting the Paozilun Mountain Climbing Trail, you can enjoy the view of terraces and tea farms. Once you reach the top, you can see the metropolitan view of Taipei surrounded by the mountains. You can visit the famous Paozilun Waterfall, and enjoy the unique combination of natural dry fruit, nuts, and Australian lake salt and other natural ingredients.

The naturally made and delicious European styled breads are baked with hand making temperature and complex roasting methods of firewood and kiln. You can have the unique Pizza DIY experience by making your own dough, choose you won ingredients, and modeling.

These five traveling package combined with walking trails and special experience will start in July.

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