Best Muslim Hotels in Beijing China: Shenzhen Hotel, Orange Hotel and Guidu


Niujie (Oxen street) is located in Xicheng District in southwest Beijing. The core area of the Niujie district is a Hui people neighborhood, which has the largest Muslim population in Beijng. There are around 10,000 Muslims living in the vicinity. On this same street, there is the oldest and largest mosque in Beijing, named Niujie Mosque. The actual name of the Mosque is Lǐbàisì, which is given by the Chenghua Emperor in 1474.The Niujie Mosque was first built in 996AD during the Liao Dynasty and designed by a Muslim architect Nazaruddin, the son of an imam. It was destroyed by armies of Genghis Khan in 1215 and rebuilt in 1443. The mosque was renovated and significantly expanded by Kangxi Emperor of Qing Dynasty in 1696. The mosque has undergone three renovations since the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, respectively in 1955, 1979 and 1996. The architectural style of the mosque reflects a mixture of Islamic and traditional Chinese cultural influence.

Besides, a lot of muslim restaurants and local delicacies can be found in the Niujie area. We are going to introduce five hotels near the Niujie area, for Muslims or anyone who is interested in Muslim culture and food. We hope you have a chance to see the historical Niujie Mosque, and treat yourself with the tasty halal dishes and delicacies during your trip in Beijing!

·       Shenzhen Hotel  深圳大厦

o   Address: 1 Guang An Men Wai Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, China

  • 20 minutes walk from Niujie

o   Price per night: $49+

o   Key features and review:

Shenzhen Hotel is a four-star business hotel located on the West Second Ring road, in another word, the downtown of Beijing. Each room at the Shenzhen Hotel comes with cable / satellite channels and a mini bar, and the bathrooms offer showers and bathrobes. A flat-screen TV, internet access and complimentary toiletries are available in each room. The transportation is very convenient as the hotel is to the south of Beijing Financial Street, to the north of Daguanyuan (Grand View Garden), to the east of West Railway Station, and to the west of Dongdan area. The Ministry of Water Resources, China Tabacco and the China Millennium Monument of Beijing is nearby. Also, several big shopping malls are around the area, such as Parkson Shopping Center, SOGO department store, and Financial Street Shopping Center. If you want to learn more about Beijing and Chinese culture, the Capital Museum of China is one of you options in the neighborhood. And the Palace Museum–one of the best museums in China is merely 17 minutes away by car.  And it is 32 minites drive from the hotel to the Beiing Capital International Airport.


·       Orange Hotel (Beijing Tianningsi)  桔子酒店

o   Address: 2 East Lianhuachi Road, Guanganmen, Xuanwu District, Xicheng, Beijing, China

  • 30 minutes walk from Niujie

o   Price per night: $51+

o   Key features and review:


It is a second-line hotel chain under a luxury brand Crystal Organge Hotel which is growing fast in China since 2006. The founder of the hotel was inspired by the Orange County in California, the United States.  There rich people are living in a casual, simple and free style of life, not like the extravagant life in Beverly Hills. People are enjoying sunshine, beautiful beaches, and parties. And the hotel founder wants to bring his customer what he experienced in a small private hotel in the Orange County: the hotel is filled with arts, murals on the corridor, orange as the theme color, as well as jazz music for guests to select. He hopes the Orange Hotel is clean, cozy, bringing variety and inspirations for every guest. The design is simple but full of details, creating a pleasing ambience for the guests with light music, orange color and paintings on the corridor. Moreover, the soundproofing system in all the guest rooms are specially designed by the Acoustic Lab of Tsinghua University to make sure that you will never be interrupted. Another feature of this hotel is that you can customize the music in your room for your stay or any event in advance. The hotel aims to offer a more affordable luxury experience. There is a Palmer Restaurant (C3 East Lianhuachi Road, Xicheng District, Beijing) only 7 minutes’ walk from the hotel where you can get kabob, “big plate chicken”, homemade yogurt and other halal dishes. The Tiananmen Square is 10 minutes and the Capital International Airport is 33 minutes away by car.


·       Guidu Hotel Beijing 北京贵都大酒店


o   Address: 217 Main Street in Guang’anmen, Xicheng District, Beijing, China

  • 20 minutes walk from Niujie

o   Price per night: $63+

o   Key features and review:


Guidu Hotel is in the central area of Xicheng District, very close to the busiest Xidan commecial district, and it takes only 10 minites by car to landmarks such as the Tiananmen Square and National Center for the Performing Arts. You can use the metro as well, as the Caishikou Station of metro line 4 is only 10 ministes’ walk away. And More importantly for a fan of halal food, it is only 9 minites walk from the most popular halal restaurant in Beijing- Jubaoyuan Hot Pot Restaurant (5 Niujie St, Xicheng, Beijing, China). Please be ready for a long line.

Staying at the Guidu Hotel, there are plenty of options for rooms in terms of size (ranging from 20 to 72 square meters) and style (standard to luxury presidential suites). All guest rooms are well-equipped and have elegant furnitures. It may be of the interest for those in a business trip that the spacious conference room were further upgraded during the significant renovation of the hotel in 2011. The hotel provides free parking and free cable or wifi network in all the rooms.


·       Holiday Inn Central Plaza  北京中环假日酒店

o   Address: 1 Caiyuanjie, Xuanwu District, Fengtai, Beijing, China

  • 20 minutes walk from Niujie

o   Price per night: $75+

o   Key features and review:

Holiday Inn Central Plaza is a four-star hotel located in the government business district in Xuanwu district in Beijing. It is close to the Ministry of Water Resources, State Administration of Taxation and State Information Center. There is a fitness center, indoor pool and spa rooms in the hotel. Wifi, network cable and TV conference system are also available. All guest rooms are designed in a stylish way, furnished with modern furnitures. Some of the 322 guest rooms and suites even have kicthens.  The hotel also provide services in the business center, travel agency, gift shop and clinic.

Transportation is convenient. It takes 40 minites drive from the hotel to Beijing Capital International Airport, and only 10 minites to the Beijing West Railway Station. Take a cab to the Xinjiang Islamic Restaurant (7 Sanlihe Road, Xicheng District, Beijing, China), you won’t be disappointed with the authetic muslim cuisines there!


·       New Century Grand Hotel Beijing  北京开元名都大酒店

o   Address: Building 2, House 1, Caishikou Avenue, Xicheng District, Beijing, China

  • 18 minutes walk from Niujie

o   Price per night: $100+

o   Key features and review:


New Century Grand Hotel in Beijing was designed by architect Mary from the WATG architecture firm of the United States. It carries a certain cachet, a sense of fashion, as well as the traditional Chinese element of Xiangyun (propitious cloud).  As one of the most luxury business hotel in south Beijing, it has a well-equipped conference room as well as modern business facilities. The hotel strives to provide services that perfectly“combines the Eastern culture and the international standards”. You can walk to the Chinese Islamic Association in 3 minutes. And it is only 5 minites walk to the Caishikou Station of metro line 4 while only 13 minutes drive from the hotel to the Tiananmen Square. And if you are going to Deshunlou, a popular muslim restaurant famous for its ox tail, duck and lamb, it is roughly 18 minutes by walk.


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