Muslim Restaurants in Beijing to Enjoy Halal Food

Chaoyang District:

Qing Yue Xuan

Beijing Yue Xuan Green Food Co., Ltd produces the representative dishes from the Northwest part of China. It was awarded the “Famous Restaurant of Qinghai Province”, “Golden Banquet Provider in Qinghai”,and “Famous Restaurant of Chinese Food” because of its business integrity and excellent services. Its first floor is six meters high with three large crystal lamps hung on the ceiling, which can fit as many as 24 dining tables at the same time.

Average cost per person: 60 RMB

Reasons for recommendation: The dining area is clean and well organized. There are many options on the menus. It provides various homemade noodles in the Northwest style, and cold dishes with reasonable price. The taste is quite good and authentic. It is a good lunch place especially for office workers.

Hours: 10:30 am-10 pm

Address: South Wangjing Bridge (opposite to the Sun Palace Park), Chaoyang District, Beijing

Public Transportation: Sun Palace Park Station, Metro Line 10


Yi Jin Yuan

Yijinyuan Muslim Restaurant is located in the Dadu City Wall Relics Park in Chaoyang District. Close to the Beijing Asian Games Village and reputable Foreign Trade University, it has beautiful neighborhoods, and is easily accessible. Moreover, it is the only Muslim restaurant in Beijing that is built, furnished and operated strictly in accord with the Muslim custom and five-star standard. It occupies 4,600 square meters, with 25 dining rooms decorated in antique Ming and Qing styles. Its spacious dining hall can host 200 people at the same time, which was furnished elegantly to create a serene environment. The chefs here learn from the traditional recipes, combine elements of Guangdong, Sichuan, Shanghai and the royal court cuisines, and use vey valuable ingredients to form a unique style of Muslin Cantonese food. Therefore Yijinyuan is known as the “Flagship of Muslim Restaurant” among customers and its competitors.

Cost per person on average: 184 RMB

Chef’s recommendations: Grilled Lamb, Starch Noodles in Garlic Sauces, Steamed Baby Cabbage, Jar Braised Venison, Roast Whole Lamb, Ox Tails, Cold Noodle

Address: East Beitucheng Road, Longze Diving Resort in the Ruins of the Yuan Dynasty Dadu City Wall, Chaoyang District, Beijing


Xicheng District:

Hong Bin Lou

Hongbin Lou was founded in 1853 (the third year of Xianfeng Emperor’s reign of Qing dynasty) in Tianjin, and has long been famous for its halal cuisine. In its 2000 square meters space, there are two dining rooms at the first floor, six on the second, and eight on the third. All the dining rooms are named as lovely Chinese plants. In addition, there are dining tables on every level, the second of which is the biggest that can host 16 dining tables.

Address: 11 Exhibition Road, Xicheng District, Beijing

Khan Tengri Muslim Restaurant (Xinjiang Restaurant)

The restaurant is in a tranquil location between the West second and third ring with convenient transportation. Its deluxe guest rooms meet high standards and are equipped with intellectualized control system. The Khan Tengri Muslim Restaurant provides local food and pastry from different parts of Xinjiang so that you can enjoy all of them at the same place. It strives to make innovations in Xinjiang cuisine, while inheriting and sustaining the tradition, and share it with more people. You can try a variety of Xinjiang cuisines, even rare and expensive ingredients here. It can serve 160 guests at the same time.

Address: 1/F, Xinjiang Restaurant, 7 Sanlihe Road, Xicheng District, Beijing


Kao Rou Wan

Its 4000-square-meter main store is newly renovated, and can accommodate over 800 guests. Its dining hall is bright and spacious, and the luxury private rooms are elegantly decorated, linked by antique-style corridors, which represents the Muslim architectural style. There are traditional kabob and all-you-can-eat kabob on the first floor. The second and third floors has tables in different dining halls for banquets, or guests in a group.

Its branch store (69 Wanquan River Road, Haidian District) occupies more than 2000 square meters and has eight dining rooms on two floors. The grand dining hall is bright and comfortable, a good place for travellers to take a break. The dining hall on second floor can accommodate 20 tables.

Main Store Address: 58 Nanlishi Road, Xicheng District, Beijing


Nan Lai Shun

Nan Lai Shun is located right next to Daguanyuan (Grand View Garden), in a pleasing area. Its furnishing style is luxury and charming. The dining area is 3000 square meters, which can host 20 to 30 tables in the dining hall. The restaurant specializes in halal seafood, halal roasted duck, halal boiled meat, and lots of appetizers. As a large-scale Muslim restaurant in Beijing, it is famous for its techniques of “stir-fry, roast, and boil”, and snacks of old Beijing.

Address: 12 South Caiyuan Street, Xicheng District, Beijing


Hong Shun Xuan

Hong Shun Xuan was named by Grand Imam Chen Guangyuan and found in early 2003. It locates on Niujie (Oxen Street)—the renowned residential area of Hui people in Beijing. It mainly provides five categories of food: halal dishes, halal seafood, casseroles, soups with valuable ingredients, and kabob.

Cost per person on average: 50 RMB

Hours: 9:30am-2pm; 4pm-9:30 pm.

Address: Building 3, Niujie North

Bus Station: Niujie station- Bus line 10/48/626


Haidian District:


Xiyuan Hotel Xinjiang Restaurant

It is a five-star international hotel composed of one tall modern building and nine buildings with four floors. It has 705 guestrooms in various types, furnished exquisitely and tastefully, which makes the guests feel comfortable and warm welcomed staying here. There are eight restaurants and two lounge bars in the hotel, where you can not only enjoy Huaiyang and halal food, but also Korean, Japanese and European cuisines.

Cost per person on average: 200 RMB

Reasons for Recommendation: Able to make simple dishes delicate is why Xinjiang restaurants are better then others. And they are also good at bring innovative dishes into traditional cuisine. You can easily feed yourself up here if you are a fan of sweet food. Braised lamb with dried apricots is a new dish. The lamb is crispy and served perfectly with the sweet taste of dried apricots from Xinjiang. The green and white-like light yellow colors remind every guest of the richness of Xinjiang style. In the Xinjiang Restaurant of Xiyuan Hotel, you can enjoy delicious Xinjiang cuisines, as well as the high-quality services.

No.1 Sanlihe Road, Haidian District, Beijing


Green Lou Lan Hotel

The hotel is to the west of Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, east of Baiwang Mountain Forrest Park, north of the Summer Palace and China Agricultural University, and the south of Baiwang New Town. In another word, it is located in the best area of Beijing. Besides, the restaurant is surrounded by 20-hectre of medicinal plants in a greenhouse, and therefore is always like spring in four seasons. With the palace-like buildings and green water around, it looks like a place in a painting. No wonder it is a masterpiece of an eco hotel. Its wedding banquet hall can host 180 people. No charge of service fees even though you bring your own drinks.

Cost per person on average: 67 RMB

Chef’s Recommendations: Lamb Shashlik, Big Plate Chicken, Yogurt, Nang Filled with Meat, Kabob, Samsa, Roasted Leg of Lamb

Address: 151 Malianwa Road, Haidian District, Beijing

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