Four Things You Must Do In Taiwan

Motorcycle riding

In Taiwan, an unplanned trip starts on motorcycle. Here, riding motorcycle is such an awesome thing to do. Here, motorcycle is the must-have tool to satisfy your need to play something fancy.

Whale watching

Whale watching in Taitung is the most popular trip on Taiwan East Coast in summer. The most common seen whales on East Coast are spinner dolphin, pantropical spotted dolphin, Fraser’s dolphin, false killer whale, sperm whale, killer whale and others. Hualian is undoubtedly the best place for whale watching in Taiwan. From the beginning of the summer is the best season for whale watching.

Hot springs

In Taiwan, 128 hot spring areas have the signs for hot spring. In terms of geology, metamorphic rock is most often seen, followed by igneous zone, sedimentary area is the least seen. Classified by chemical characteristics, most of the hot spring in Taiwan belongs to sodium carbonate springs. Based on radiocarbon Dating (using carbon 14 and tritium), the age of hot spring is 10 or 20 thousand years old. The youngest one is around several thousand years.

Beitou Hot Spring is located in Beitou District of Taipei, where Ketagalan tribes of Taiwanese plains aborigines used to live. The source of Beitou Hot spring is Linquanneili and Hushanli. Beitou is located in the geothermal valley area, which is discovered during the Japanese colonial period. Under the emotion of homesickness of the Japanese, Beitou hot spring has developed rapidly into men’s dream place for politics and businessman. Despite of its past glorious, Beitou has almost become the name of sex industry.

Yangming Mountain is located in Datun Volcano Group of Taipei, used to call Grass Mountain. The name change is to honor the scholar – Wang Yang-ming from Ming dynasty. The Yangming Mountain hot spring is located inside the Yangming Mountain National Park and divided into two parts – front and back. The temperature of the Yangming Mountain hot spring is around 40 Celsius, which has positive effects to chronic arthritis, muscle pain, chronic skin diseases, anemia, diabetes, gout, measles and other symptoms.

Guanziling hot spring is located in Beihe, Tainan, which is a famous hot spring in Taiwan. Especially the mud spring is very rare. There is Guanziling hot spring scenic area. Quality: sodium carbonated spring, temperature around 75 Celsius, mostly mud, cannot drink. After taking bath, you whole body will feel relaxed with tender and rosy skin. Rumor has it that the mud has a considerable effect on skin allergies, reducing fatigue, beauty treatments, gastrointestinal and chronic rheumatoid arthritis.

Night market

The protagonists of the street venders are always the fan of food. No matter how much you spend here, you will never become the superior VIP. The sense of equality gives everyone the fun of an ordinary life: eating while walking. From Taipei, Taichung to Tainan, every city has its own popular night market. No matter how later it is, as long as you want to eat, you will not get hungry. More importantly, the food has to be delicious, even the most popular food in the world. Even though every city has a night market, it is not all the same. They all have their own characteristics. Local products, culture and customs are included in the night market and formed unique night market. Do not worry if you don’t know where the celebrities like to shopping, because every night market is the place they love to go. The people, who wearing masks, hat that covered their all body, is the one with biggest suspicious.

“Top 3 Taiwan Night Market”

Most famous night market – Shilin Night Market

Shilin Night Market is the most famous and ordinary night market in Taipei.

Address: Dadong Road, Danan Road, Wenlin Road, Shilin District, Taipei. Take metro to Shilin station.

Recommend snacks: HotStar Chicken Steak and Shiling Big Sausage


Fengchia Night Market

It is said that Fengchia Night Market is where a lot of snacks originated from. It is the most popular night market in Taiwan.

Address: Wenhua Road, Xidun District, Taichung

Most popular night market – Fengchia Night Market

Recommend snacks: Guan Zhi Lin Small Sousage in Large Sausage


Must-go in Kaohsiung – Liuhe Night Market

The most famous night market in Kaohsiung, seafood is the major highlight here. The steamed rice cake, stewed pig feet and other are making your mouth water. Seafood porridge and Danzai Noodle is the signature dishes in Kaohsiung.

Address: No. 111-1, Second Zili Road, Qianjin District, Kaohsiung


Besides delicious food in the night market, every second there are splendid stories going on here.

Monga –

The story in the movie Monga happened in night market on Huaxi street. A gang movie combines street food, flavor of temples, and the life of street people. Mosquito, the main character, joint the gang for a chicken drumstick. He got to know a bunch of friends and formed the “Gang of Princes”. After experienced a series of dangerous events and solved crisis one after one, he encountered a sad story about youth under the choice between gang and friendship.

Love around the corner

People get to know the oyster omelets at Taiwan night market because of this TV show, who have never been to Taiwan’s night market. The love story between a beautiful Barbie Princess and Oyster Omelets Prince happens at the corner of the night market.

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