Must Eat Foods in Lijiang – Recommended Foods in Lijiang

Lijiang is a place famous for the slow pace. When you go to Lijiang, you must not go through everything too quickly, you have to experience the local customs and characteristics. This means you have to live there. Wake up naturally, and eat lunch outside. Take a nap in the afternoon, then you can relax at the tea house. In the night, you can continue eat in the town. Only by living like this, you are really getting into the living styles in Lijiang.

Of course, even if you are just wondering around on the street, there is a lot of foods to eat. Lijiang cuisine is mainly Naxi flavor, combining the flavors of Sichuan cuisine and Guizhou cuisine. When the Naxi flavor still continues in your mouth, you are surrounded by the atmosphere of Lijiang, then you are not just eating the food and enjoy the view.

The delicious food in Lijiang and the pretty views equal the same. Now, let the editor recommends some special cuisine here in Lijiang.

Naxi potato chicken hot pot

The local chicken in Lijiang will taste differently than the one you bought in the city. The natural feeds and method of raising, after eating the chicken you will no longer want to eat the chicken bought from the supermarket.

Yunnan plateau is known for the production of potato, which is called “Yang Yu” among the folks. The ratio between the potato and chicken is that potato is a little bit more than chicken. This dish gives your smooth taste, fresh and good. The potato almost takes all the glorious from the chicken, becoming the leading actor in this dish.

Black goat hot pot

People in Lijiang loves to eat hot pot. You have to mention the black goat hotpot. There are many vegetables and meats you can add into the hot pot such as the black goat meat with the skin, donkey meat, intestines and others. All the meats come in big chunks. Here the lamb is sold in pounds.

What is next? It has to be the vegetables. There are many variety of the vegetables, such as mushrooms, potatoes, kelp, cabbage and others. Basically, all the seasonal vegetables are available for you to choose. In the end, don’t forget to try the delicious soup.

Stone grilled fish

The stone grilled fish select the secret recipe for the soup, the fish tastes fresh. The local raised chicken and the wild grown mushrooms are the rare ingredients for the dish. The authentic taste, and the health value makes the uniqueness of the stone grilled fish.

All the people, who have eaten stone grilled fish, are amazed by the mysterious aroma, balanced level of spicy, mild for the stomach, good for the beauty. “color, taste and health in one dish” makes people really admire it.

Naxi Grilled Fish

Eating Naxi grilled fish is more like the fried dace with salted black bean, but spicier. After fried, pour the spicy sauce, pepper is filled all over the fish. The skin is crispy, the meat inside is soft.

It is the famous dish for Naxi. The fish need to be marinated ahead of time. The cooked fish is covered with pepper, peanuts, parsley, the presentation is definitely excellent.

Lijiang marinated rib hot pot

The third dish in the famous Naxi cuisine – main dish. It is not complicated to make, the marinated rib uses secret recipe, boiled in the water with no other sauce. You can have the marinated rib in any restaurant in Lijiang.

Cooked with Lijiang marinated rib with potato, bean sprout, melon, tomato, the meat is soft but not separated from the bone.

Naxi barbecue

Naxi barbecue is the favorite dish among people there, it is a traditional cuisine. The main ingredient is the fresh pork, marinated with spices. Then, placed in the homemade oven with the unique local chestnut charcoal and baked with low fire.

Even though it loos greasy, but is actually not greasy at all. The skin of the pork is gold and crispy. You have to dip the local pepper powder. It won’t take long to finish the dish.

Lijiang Baba

Lijiang Baba is a unique local cuisine, using the fine wheat noodles produced locally, make into dough with the spring from the Yulong mountain. The marble slate is wiped with vegetable oil, the sesame seeds and other sauce are added in the middle.

In the Sifang street, there are many restaurants sell Lijiang Baba, mainly run by the locals. Their refined skills make the business good.

The Lijiang Baba use to be the food for the business group who travels with horses, because the taste won’t become bad after a few days. That’s why it is loved by tourists.

Rice sausage

Rice sausage is the unique food in Lijiang, which are made from pig blood, rice and other spices. Mixed together with certain ratio, then put into the processed pig intestine and made into rice sausage. The nutritious value is high.

Each year at the season where the pig is butchered, almost all the households in Naxi will make some rice sausage. If the family is studying or working outside. They will try to find someone to make the rice sausage for them and send to them.

Chickpea jelly

Chickpea is famous local grown bean, sold to many other countries. The chickpea is grinded and filtered. Then, it will be cooked and turned into grey and placed in the container. It becomes solid chickpea jelly after cooling.

Chickpea has 18 kinds of amino acids and calcium, potassium, zinc and other vitamins. Eating chickpea for long time, it can reduce blood sugar level.

Blow liver

Blowing liver is the common way of cooking liver in northwestern Yunnan. Inflating the fresh pig liver with the wheat-straw to the maximum. Then steam the inflated pig liver, then slice them and mix with sauce.

Blow liver is the featured food in Heqing. Even the water used to clean the pig liver is the snow water from Yulong Mountain.

Some people may say, Lijiang is a place to find comfort for your heart. But for the food lover, they may wish to encounter some delicious food in Lijiang.

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