Popular Food in Shanghai – Top Rated Shanghai Dishes

As city with many foreign travelers, Shanghai has many local cuisines that are appraised by foreigners. Below, editors have summarized a list of Shanghai cuisine that foreigners are obsessed with.

Xiaolongbao (Steamed bun)

“The best bun”

Popularity index: ★★★★★

Popular location: Jia Jia Tang Bao, Din Tai Fung

BBC once made a documentary on foods in Shanghai, Jia Jia Tang Bao is the first one that was introduced. The host gave the comment “the best bun”.

In the guide of the restaurants in Shanghai, Jia Jia Tang Bao is also included in the recommendation list. And the author Johannes says “Jia Jia Tang Bao could be said as the hidden gem of Shanghai”.

Amy from the Philadelphia, USA says, “when you take a bite, it is very juicy. The skin is thin but very chewy. The soup has the best part of pork. And the pork has been perfectly cooked.”

Geoff from New Zealand says, “we have been waited in the line for about 30 minutes, just when we are ready to tell the lady (staff) ‘Tang Bao’, she smiled at the screen, and gave us the English menu.”


“I really want to know how this is cooked”

Popularity index: ★★★★☆

Popular locations: Lin Long Ge, Wang Bao He Restaurant

The freshness of the crab has attracted many “fans”. In the BBC’s documentary, the host, also a seafood chef, gave the crabs in Shanghai very high comments: “the crabs are really good”

In a local TV shows, two guests from Norway after trying the crabs, comments that “I think the meat is sweet and delicious. In Norway, we normally eat the crabs from the sea, but this one is from the river.” “This is different than what we normally eat. The crabs we ate are complete. I really want to know how is this cooked.”

Shanghai Onion Cake

“Remind me of the old time”

Popularity index: ★★★★

Popular location: A’da Onion Cake

The host’s comment on the “A’da Onion Cake” is that “in a busy city, him (who made the onion cake) reminds me of the old time.” “The really delicious part is the lard. I like the taste of lard, make me feel like going back to childhood.” “I became of the fan of this onion cake.”

A food blogger, Nina says, “these onion cakes are happiness. Its outside is gold and crispy. Inside is filled with onion and meat.”

Fried Dumplings

“The balance between the fat and lean meat”

Popularity index: ★★★★

Popular locations: Shanghai Bund Restaurant, Fei Long Fried Dumplings

The Travel Guide author Johannes strongly recommended the Xiaoyang Fried Dumplings. He wrote: “The interior design is simple, but when you know nothing about it, you could not possibility know how good the food here taste.”

A comment from MeuterMedia from California in June 2017 has been retweeted thousand times and had 300 likes. He says, “The taste is very good. The line during the dinner time is really long. Strongly recommend, the dumplings are freshly made in front of you.

VivaSuman from Canada said, “I have never had such experience before. I admit that after the first time trying it, I get addicted.”

Alan from abroad also comments that “The real fried dumplings have two secretes: the food must be fresh, the fat and lean meat must form a balance. In this way, it can get the soup…This really made me remind of the childhood.”

Shanghai Wonton

“Perfect combination”

Popularity index: ★★★☆

In the same TV shows in Shanghai, the food lover Joe and wonton expert has strongly recommended the Asian swamp eel wonton soup. They said: “It is the best wonton I had.” Mike said: “We don’t eat Asian swamp eel. But this one taste pretty good.”

Daniel says: “The Shanghai wonton is very big, a lot of meat inside. The soup is pretty good. The combination of wonton and soup is the perfect combination.”

Eight treasures stuffed duck:

“It melted in my mouth”

Popularity index: ★★★

Popular location: Xinyuan Private Kitchen, Jianguo 328

Christopher has recommended in his food blogger: “Eight treasures stuffed duck has been steamed for 12 hours. It is stuffed with rise and other ‘eight treasures’. First make it soft, then roasted make the skin crispy. This is very smart.”

Jginsh from the America, “in the past 6 years, I have made eight treasures stuffed ducks as the Christmas tradition.”

Ezra from Atlanta “It is the eight treasures stuffed duck! What else do I need to say? The most popular one has to be the eight treasures stuffed duck. A fully stuffed duck putting on the lotus leave. When I ate it, it melted in my mouth.”

Dry-fried shrimp

“Must order food”

Popularity index: ★★

Popular location: Mei Long Zheng Restaurant

Also mentioned in the same TV shows, a foreigner Yang Lei commented the dry-fried shrimp: “Look at it, you don’t have to eat. The presentation is very pretty. It is indeed famous. Everyone knows it. It is the must order food in China Town.”

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