Must-Go Places in Shanghai – Must See Shanghai Destinations

Recommended place #1: Shanghai Film Park

Address: 4915, Bei Song Highway, Chedun, Songjiang District

Keyword: National AAA level scenic spots

The Shanghai Film Park is based on the old Shanghai architecture. It reproduced the old Shanghai in 30s last century, the “Old French Concession”, “South street”, “Shanghai Shikumen Alley Residence”, “Suzhou creek”, “Wai Bai Du Bridge” and others. Take a tram ride, passing through the old “Bund”. Getting off the ride, and walking on the “Najing Road”, you can glance over the Sheng Dacheng dessert restaurant, Wang Xing Fan Store, Hendry watches shop. If you want, you can ride the rickshaw, making you feel like back to the old time of Shanghai. For a second, you can’t tell if it is real.

Recommended place 2: 1933 Old Millfun

Address: 29 Shajing Road, Hongkou district

Key Word: National AAA level scenic spots, shooting scene for movie Tiny Times

The 1933 Old Factory on Shajing Road, Hongkou is Shanghai’s excellently historical protected building. It used to be the millfun, now it has been changed to be the fashion creative design center. The main architecture has the structure of circle inside and square from the outside. It has combined the European architecture style and decoration style. Also, use the beautiful geometric shapes. The ridge and the bridge in the building are scattered. The flow of the light forms the magic space.

Recommended place: 1876 Creative Park

Address: 351 West Wenshui Road, Hongkou District

Key Word: containers forms corridor

The old site of Songhu Railway Jiangwan station. After four months of renovation, it transformed to the corridors created by containers. And it is open to the public for free. The repaired head of the train, and the fine shops made from the train containers. The Port Tea, Train workshop, 3D Dream Hall, Succulent Plant DIY Center, Marley Studio and other creative art shops welcome you to visit.

Recommended place 4: Shanghai Museum of Glass

Address: 685 West Changjiang Road, Baoshan District

Key word: Glass art show, glass DIY

It was used to be the Shanghai Light Industry Glass’s furnace workshop. After renovation into museum, it become simple and clear from the outside. The inside layout is fashion and stylish with a sense of space. Here, you can enjoy the artistic glass product, watch the glass producing, and even DIY your glass products, making an art work by yourself.

Recommended place #5: Shanghai Joy City

Address: 166 North Xizang Road, Jing’an District

Key word: Ferris wheel, handmade Neon street, drink, fun and play

22-30 young and fashion young ladies

New experience of the trendy life, regular fashion theme conference, contemporary modern city shopping, new technology game experience, Taiwan handmade Neon street. Additionally, the Ferris Wheel of Love on the rooftop, the restaurant on the south tower. In short, it is the perfect place for the romantic fantasy.

Recommended place 6: Toronto cultural street

Address: 146 East Jiangwan Road, Hongkou Road

Key word: culture, classic

The street combines both static and dynamic, the carefully crafted street view, the colorful flower garden on the central plaza, the souvenirs, and the bronze sign shines in the sunlight.

Recommended place #7: Xintiandi

Address: 181 Taicang Road, Huangpu District

Key Word: old style, new elegant

When sun sets, walking along the South Huangpi Road from Huaihai Raod, wondering around the Shikumen: traditional and innovation, nostalgias and fashion, introverted and delicate, peace and elegance, are all here.

New world, old style. European style, Eastern culture are all here. Shanghai’s Fisherman’s Wharf”, old Shikumen are leading the fashion in Shanghai: here has the most classic exhibition, fashion banquet, modern fashion show, chic guest and most elegant date.

Recommended place #8: The Bund

Key word: world buildings, night view of the Huangpu River.

The most symbolic attractions of the Shanghai City: look at the world building, night view of the river. The Bund is 1.5 km long, starting from the 16th pier in the south and to the Waibaidu Bridge in the north. After the Bund, you can go walk and have fun on the Nanjing Road.

The 8 must-go places in Shanghai, I have only been to 3, how about you?

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