Must See Places in Guizhou, China

The old town in Jiangnan with bridge and houses, you might have seen a lot. But have you ever seen a mountain town above the plateau? Old towns like this, there are many in Guizhou.

If the old town in Jiangnan is the art works that were crafted carefully and display in the window, making every visitor lost in the sight.

Then, the old towns in Guizhou is the original ones, in the nourishment of thousands of mountains, grow like weed, opening a dusty memory for you and singing the song of the history.

When you walk into Guizhou, where “80% mountain, 10% water and 10% land”, you will be surprised with the Huangguoshu waterfall, the Big Seven-hole in Libo, the dragon cave. What you need know is that this is only the part of the trip in Guizhou.

And here, there are more poetic old town. From the famous four old towns, to the vicissitudes old city with low profile, they are hidden there, watching the time passing by and stay above the reality.

You have to walk through it quietly and you will get into the deep and broad culture in Guizhou.

Top four old towns in Guizhou

  1. Zhengyuan old town – thousand-year old town in water

The winding Wuyang river passes through the town, dividing the old town into south- and north- part. The north part is the old city, the south part is the old sanctuary.

Looking from far away, it looks like a map of Taiji. If you walk closer, it has the sense of the old Phoenix town. However, it doesn’t have the brightness and the noisy of the Phoenix. The whole of the old town shows a color of dark white and grey, making the Wuyang river even greener.

The houses here are very different, for example, there are always a few stairs in front of the door. High or low, which is not symmetrical. So, the house here often gives you the visual of “crooked door and ramp”. It is very interesting.


Address: Zhengyuan county, South Qiandong

Ticket: free

Drive: take the highway from Sansui to Liping, the road condition is very good.

Public transportation: take train from Guiyang to Zhengyuan, 20 trains per day. Total ride 4 hours. Then take the no. 1 bus at the Zhengyuan Bus Station or Railway Station, price 2 yuan.

  1. Guiyang – Qingyan Old Town – different than the bridge and waterflow

Among all the old towns in Guizhou, Qingyan Old Town is the probably the most famous one. It has been rated as one of the “30 most beautiful attractions in China” by CNN. It has the toughness that Jiangnan does not have.

It started to develop from resting stop, formed during the military station. Covering by the mountains and green water, in the past 600 years, each section of the street here has different view and story.

But, if you are here the food, then just get your stomach ready for the braised pig feet, sticky rice wine and others.

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