Must See Taichung – Best Travel Destinations in Taichung

Besides night markets, theater in Taichung, what else you can go to have fun and take picture? There are many mysterious lands here in Taichung. Besides the Long Mao Tunnel in Houli, there are four mysterious lands, each of which has different style, making it hard for you to stop taking pictures. Let’s see from “Internet Thermometer”, what’s the top five mysterious lands in Taichung.

Taichung Houli Totoro Tunnel

Do you still remember the feeling the cartoon “My Neighbor Totoro” bought you? The round tummy and the Totoro station that can take you fly are the scenes that the children wish it could be true. There is such place in Houli, Taichung, it looks like the tunnel when the Totoro bus came out of the forest. The reproduction of the scene earned the place the name of Totoro Tunnel. It quickly becomes popular on the Internet.

The Totoro Tunnel is a place of green forest. With the changing of season, each year when the autumn comes, it will put on the yellow clothes. The breathtaking view no matter when you come is called as “The mysterious land in Houli”.

Ping Lin Park

If you have been to the Qiuhonggu Park, then you have to come to Ping Lin Park. It is three times bigger than the Qiuhonggu Park. It is the good place for parents to take their kids on weekends. Besides slides and other entertainment facilities, the big grassland is suitable to take the sandwich basket for a picnic. You can come with a few friends here for some snacks. The around lake trail is perfect for couples to have a date. How romantic is that!

Besides the benefits introduced above, the performance square sometimes has outdoor performances and activities. No wonder a lot of people says it is so much bigger than the Qiuhonggu Park. In terms of the view, the fan shaped stage is good place for photo taking. The wooden trail around the ecological pool is also a popular place to check in on Instragram.

Liu Chuan River Bank

Is there any place in Taichung has the river bank view like abroad, which is pretty and beautiful, and presents charming night view? It has to be the Liu Chuan River Bank near downtown, Taichung. Because of the serious pollution, this used to be the dirty drain that everyone hates. Late, with the intervention from the government, now it become the pretty view people see long. Along the way, it has device art with colorful and bright lights. You will keep being surprised.

The purified water looks like a mirror in the bright daylight. Even though, some people say they still smell of something bad sometimes. But it is way better than before.

Jiutian Black forest

Speaking of Nantou, people will think about the fancy “Worry less forest”. In Taichung, there is a similar forest, which is located in Jiutian Black Forest in Shalu District. The reason it called Jiutian is because it is located near the temple for the Jiutian Goddess. Here was the popular location for wedding picture shooting, but now because the discussion on the internet, especially on the Dcard Traveling section, it has become the popular private attraction.

The giant trees are tall. The sunlight goes through the gap make the scene that only appear in the fairy tale, which is very pretty. Giving you a false impression of living in the Europe. Even if you take random picture, you will still have great picture. Only think you need to know is that even though the forest looks big in the picture, but it is not very big in fact. So, there is not many parking space. It is better to park outside and walk inside.

Da’anxi Iron Bridge

The Da’anxi Iron Bridge is located not too far from the Tai’an railway station, it has a history over one hundred years. Even though the railway is old, you can still feel the magnificent of this place is dying with time. It was named as the most beautiful railway in Taiwan. Now, it was out of service. Still, the artistic iron bridge has attracted many people here to take picture and it has even become the popular check in points on the internet.

To get here, you have to walk along the railway track. Because the entrance is hard to find, there is not many tourists. Also, because the railway is too old, the government has shut it down. The “Do not enter” sign makes the whole picture looks controversy. If you don’t want to go to places with a lot of tourists, but you want to take some unique pictures, then Da’anxi Iron Bridge is your best choice.

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