Must See Tainan – Recommended Travel Spots in Tainan

Tainan is the old city in Taiwan, which has a lot of historical attractions such as Anping Old Castle, Confession Temple. The delicious food here is also the reason why people travel to Tainan. “DailyView Internet Temperature” uses the searching engineer of KEYPO, summarized the most discussed attractions in Tainan. If you don’t know where to go next time, have a look at this article.

  1. Chimei Museum

Don’t have to go to Europe, come to the Chimei Musuem, you will feel like in Europe. There are many “no. 1” in Chimei Museum, the world’s most violin collections, valuable old armors. The European style architecture makes you taking pictures nonstop. Recommending booking the reservation on the internet ahead of time. Worth noting here, starting from July, the close day of the museum changed to Wednesday.

  1. Sicao Green Tunnel

“The mini version of amazon in Taiwan” is here. It used to be the ancient canal that delivers salt, sugar and other living resources, after being abandoned, a lot of mangrove trees started to grow here and formed a green tunnel. Passing through on the bamboo raft, you feel like in the tropical rain forest. At the same time, you can also enjoy a glimpse of the green scene.

  1. Taijiang National Park

The eighth National Park in Taiwan, which is also the first certified Park with the wetland stamp. Here, you can see the “the first Bahay Kubo in Taiwan”. Additionally, here is also the habitat for the waterfowl. The views of thousand birds flying away from the water, making the picture looks more dynamic.

  1. Lin department store

During the Japanese occupation period, Lin department store is one of the best famous department stores. It is also the only department store that has a shrine on the rooftop. When it opened in 1932, it was the tallest building in Tainan. It has modern equipment, such as automatic gate, elevators. After renovation, it became the oldest western historical building, classified as monuments. It reopened in 2014 in its original name and transferred to a new department store.

  1. Shennong street

Preserved most completed old street in Tainan, it kept its structure in Qing Dynasty and Japanese occupation period. In the 100 meters’ alley, many artists moved in as workshop, café. Walking in the Shennong street, you feel like time has been paused.

  1. Guanxi Platform

The Guanxi Platform in the Anping district, Tainan has become popular recently. The triangle shaped platform uses pine as pavement, the surrounding uses the low-light corridor design, with the wind-prevention forest on both sides, a whole view of blue ocean is right in front your eyes. The day and night have different beauties.

  1. Blueprint

The old Blueprint is based on the old houses in Haian Road, borrowing the concepts of blueprint, painted the wall into blue. But the old blue wall has been repainted into white at the request of the owner. The new Blueprint is in front of the Tainan Xiaoximen. It repainted the abandoned dorms of legal department, now has become the new checkpoint in Tainan.

  1. Yuguang Island

In the Southwest of Anping district, there is an independent island. You can reach it by the walking across the Yuguang bridge, giving you a sense of away from the world. When you enjoy the sunset there, don’t forget the experience the Sky altar, houses and others.

  1. Yan Mountain (Salt mountain)

Located in the Qigu, you can still enjoy the view of “Snow”. It covers more than 2,000 hectares, about 5-floor tall. Because it has been left out there for a long time, it forms big blocks. The Yan Mountain Park has the first “dead sea” in Taiwan, here tourists can experience the fun of floating.

  1. North Gate Crystal Church

The Crystal Church is built with the reference from the Sydney Opera House, having a strong exotic feeling from the Southern hemisphere. The half opened white steel frame with the crystal window, make you feel like dreaming. No wonder it is the popular location of wedding picture shooting.

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