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Introduction: China is one of the four ancient countries in the world with five thousand years of history. Therefore, if you want to understand the world’s history, you have to start from the history of China. In China, the most historical city has to be Xi’an. This summer, let’s go have a look in Xi’an.

2017 must-go attractions in Xi’an: The defensive wall of Xi’an

I always think the defensive wall of Xi’an is the business card of the city. It is old, nice, and charming. For thousand years, it stand there inside the city of Xi’an, telling the ancient stories of the Chang’an city.

The defensive wall of Xi’an is the biggest, and most preserved ancient defensive wall in China. Now, many people like to ride bikes on it, which feels very romantic.

Address: center area of Xi’an city

Transportation: Take bus 4,7,10, 15, 18, 21, 23, 31, 43, 45, 201, 107, 202 and others can get to West gate; take bus 6, 9, 26, 28, 33, 36, 37 or subway line 2, can get to North gate; bus 11, 12, 16, 23, 26, 31 and subway line 2 can get to the South gate; bus 8, 22, 27, 29, 33, 37 and others can get to the east gate.


2017 must-go attractions in Xi’an: Qujiang Archaeological Site Park

Qujiang Park is indeed very pretty. The combination of park and the culture of Tang dynasty is quite good. There are many sculptures that presents the living in modern time and Tang dynasty, located all over the park. The whole park is filled with the strong culture of Tang dynasty.

The size of the park is big, there is Qujiang lake, and pavilion. It is the best place for relaxing, resting, walking, boating. What’s more, it is completely free. You can stay here to kill some time.

Address: Southwest of New Qujiang District

Transportation: Take bus 21, 22, 23, 24 and others, and get off at the Datang Furong Garden – South gate”, then walk 2 minutes, and you will reach the north gate of the park.

2017 must-go attractions in Xi’an: Datang Sleepless City

How should we describe the sleepless city? It is a very classical architecture that has the style of Tang dynasty. It is very square and big. It gives you a feeling that people spend a lot of money here and drinks a lot. The huge status in the middle of the Datang Sleepless City tells the stories from the Tang Dynasty.

On the sides of it, there are retail stores, museum, music hall, and other cultural places. The number of retail stores are so many, even in Shanghai, I never saw so many. There are countless café here.

Address: Qujiang New District, Xi’an

Transportation: Take 212, 224, 22, 23, 242, 24, 407, 44, 500, 526, 609, 715, Tourism line of Qujiang New District, Tourism line 9

2017 must-go attractions in Xi’an: the old site of Eighth Router Army office

Yes, it is a historical attraction. Let’s go! Take some time to experience the history, it is free anyway. It is heard that Zhou Enlai, Zhu De, Liu Shaoqi, Peng Dehuai, Deng Xiaoping, Bo Gu, Wu Yuzhang have worked and lived here many times.

The old site of Eighth Router Army Office has 10 yards that facing south, which are all Sihe styled building. The no. 1 yard is where the main office is located. Now the NO. 1, 3, 4, 7 yards, and other yars that were used as the residency for Zhou Enlai and other revolutionaries and foreign friends are renovated and open to the public.

Address: Qixian Village, Beixin Street, Xi’an

Transportation: Take bus 4, 9, 10, 11, 102, 103, 610, 703 and get off at the Beixin Street Station.

2017 must-go attractions in Xi’an: Residency of Zhang Xueliang

Sometimes, you have to review the history, which will calm you down. Here is the original residency of Zhang Xueliang that has a strong historical atmosphere.

After Xi’an Incident, the Central government has received letter from Zhang Xueliang and General Yang Hucheng. Thus, the group formed by Zhou Enlai, Ye Jianyin, Qin Bangxian was dispatched to Xi’an and stayed here. Here, the General Zhang and Yang had formed strategies of solve the Xi’an incident peacefully. After the independence, here became the museum for people to visit.

Address: NO. 9 Jianguo Road, Xi’an

Transportation: Take bus 504 and get off at Jianguo Road.

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