Must See Spots in Taiwan – Must Do Recommendations in 2016

With the holiday’s coming in the New Year, there must be many people have got plans to travel Taiwan thoroughly during the holiday. However, for people that have already been pretty much every places in Taiwan, it might be boring for them to go the same place again. If you have already been to the famous attractions, listed below are several emerging new spots. Even though their fames are not as high as the well-known ones, they are less crowded with brand new sceneries. You can even learn something deeper about Taiwan, which are really worth adding to your pocket list. If you don’t know where to go, you won’t be wrong to reference to this article!

  1. The fancy grassland under the stars in Keelung

This grassland in located the Yongheng Cultural Creative Park, which is apparently inspired by the famous painting “The Starry Night” from Van Gogh. The elements that used to form the starry sky are very special, which is not flowers. Instead, they are the 4,000,000 water bottles that collected from all over Taiwan. The scene has the rich color in the day, the LED lights in the night makes it even more romantic.

Besides, besides the landscaping art, there are the fancy and transparent “Starry sky bubble house” and flying experience “Vertical wind tunnel”, even the world popular “Bubble Football” and other facilities, what you have play for the whole day.

  1. Taipei Dihua Dam Sight Viewing Platform

The “Taipei Dihua Dam Sight Viewing Platform” looks like a hug shell. The Platform is approximately the same size as the 31 middle school classrooms. You can enjoy the sunset view on the Platform freely. Besides the platform, the surrounding areas have sight viewing facilities, mobile stage area and bike lane. During the day, you can ride the biking and enjoy the river and the sea of flower. By the night, you can rest and sit on the platform, waiting for the romantic moment when the sunset together.

  1. The lock of heart walking trail in Taoyuan

One of the must go location for couples. The lock of heart walking trail that is filled with “Love” is located in the Sanmin Sports Park in Taoyuan. However, it is different than normal community park. At the entrance of the road, there is a heart-shaped artistic device standing there. There are many heart-shaped photo shooting location inside the park, which let the couples to enjoy the romantic atmosphere and take as many picture as they like. The QIngxi Rainbow Bridge connects Sanmin Park and the Riverside Park, which are by the two sides of the Sankan River. It does not only have the bike lane, but also the resting location. It is park for both sports and leisure.

  1. The Neiwan Love Story House in SHsinchu

Talking about Neiwan, most people would probably think of the old streets. However, the newly emerged “Neiwan Love Story House – Sight viewing restaurant’ is full of character. It is a restaurant focused on “wedding shooting technique”. Behind the restaurant, it is the installation art based on the theme of “Love”, which can be used as the background for wedding shooting.

Therefore, in this tiny area, there are many unique shooting scene, such as the Convenient Store of Love, the vintage Vespa motorcycle, Red Telephone Box, white piano, and a carefully designed “Double hearts shaped stone on the river”. Not only couples, parents with kinds can also have the fun of taking photos and travel in the nature. It is good spots with not much traffic.

  1. Gongweixu Tunnel of Miaoli’s Mount Limao

The Gongweixu tunnel is located by the Limao Park. It is the only tunnel that has kept the “railway track styled wall”. The Gongweixu Tunnel is known as the “dreamlike colorful tunnel”. The lights will change constantly. Once you enter the tunnel, you will feel like in a magical world.

Both ends of the tunnel is the field view of Miaoli City, where you can breathe a lot of phytoncid without being exposed to too much sun. Here is perfect you, if you want to challenge your feet and relax your mood in the nature.

  1. Yilan Kilibay – Bubble Milk Tea Culture Museum

The recently opened Kilibay Bubble Milk Tea Culture Museum is soon get popular with its featured “Light Bulb Bubble Milk Tea. The Bubble Milk Tea Culture Museum is a green architecture built with the environmental friendly concept. Inside the museum, there is not only the sightseeing restaurant, where you can enjoy the whole field view, but also the various and freshly brewed bubble milk tea. There are 3 wetlands and 2 forest parks surrounding the museum. It is the place where you can visit the culture of bubble milk tea and enjoy the food and nature at the same time.

  1. Comic and color painting alley in Taizhong

Recently, the historical military villages are facing the trend of transforming, which has lead the trend of “color painting alley” or “color painting village”. The “Comic and color painting alley” is newly appeared on the Linsen Road in Taizhong. The popular comics like One Piece, Mario Brother, Naruto, Seven Dragon Balls and others can be find in this short alley. Fans of comics should not miss this good spot.

  1. The Skywalk on the Bagua Mountain in Zhanghua

Besides the giant Buddha in Bagua Mountain, now there is “Skywalk”, too. This skywalk is near the Bagua Mountain, passing by the Buddha of the Bagua Mountain, National Association for Aesthetic Life Museum, Giant Buddha Scenic Area Ecological Park, National Army Memory, Baseball Court of Bagua Mountain and others, with a total length of 1,006 meter. It is the longest skywalk in Taiwan.

  1. Sophisca Chocolate Workshop in Yunlin

Sophisca has many branches in other places. The “Sophisca Chocolate Workship” in Douliu City, Yunlin has continued its style of the Sophisca in Yilan, adding more parent and kid elements. There is a huge grassland and sand pool, where parents can have their kids play inside.

Besides the DIY chocolate experience in the workshop, there are also a huge LOVE and macaron, so people can take as many pictures as they like. Of course, inside also sells many candy and desserts. Sweets fans can pick up their choices happily.

  1. Longfeng Fall Skywalk in Zhongliao Village, Nantou

After the Zhushan skywalk, Xinyi County skywalk, Houtanjin Smiling skywalk, last year, the meter breaking trilling new attraction, which is the Longfeng Fall Skywalk was built. This skywalk is imitating the skywalk at the American Grand Canyon. It looks like the shape of house hoof. Under your feet, you can see the whole canyon. If you are not afraid of height, feel free to come here and take the challenge.

  1. The glass slipper church in Jiayi

The “High-heeled Glass Slipper Church” has now become the most popular wedding photo shooting scene now. The Princess’s slipper liked church is 17 meters tall and 11 meters wide. Right in front of the church, there is a pool, not only can take the picture of the reflection of the Church, but also the different colors’ glass slipper in the evening. It is absolutely the must collecting attraction list in 2016.


  1. The Blueprint Cultural & Creative Park

Do you still remembered the once popular Blueprint in Tainan? Last December, it has quietly change to “the Blueprint Cultural & Creative Park”. Inside the park, it has built 3 artistic space and 24 cultural & creative companies. The whole park is formed by 15 Japanese styled wooden building and old dormitories, which is not outstanding in the Tainan known as “old city”.

The most attracting things in the park is the 3D blueprint at the entrance and the mascot “BLUES”. The 3-feet-tall BLUES is in navy blue with a pair of super long legs. The eyes made of LED lights can change expression. It is now the new landmark, where people rush there to take picture.

  1. Qijin Sea Pearl in Gaoxiong

The Sea Pearl, known as “the Golden Pearl of South Taiwan” is located by the Seaside Park. The main work Sea Pearl is in the elegant sea shell shaped. Besides this large public art, there are 6 ear-liking sound collectors around it. Standing in the center, you can hear the sound of the sea wave. It is a special attraction that combined both art and nature.

  1. Sandimen Glass Bridge in Pingdong

The “Shanchuan Glass Bridge” connects Sandimen and Majia. Which is an installation art that made of the precious pearls from the indigenous people. On both sides of the bridge, there are not only pears represents the Paiwan and Lukai, but also there are 24 sides of stories to tell the touching storis of the indigenous tribes. The projection mapping is worth seeing in the night. During the day, you can see the mountain and water and experience the excitement and trill of walking on the bridge.

  1. Niushan Huting in Hualian

Niushan HUting is kind of a recreational park with grassland. The other side is the Pacific Ocean. During the day, you can lay on the grassland with the wind blowing. At night, you can lay on the grass and listen to the wave of the sea while count the stars. Because the beach next to the grassland will have different scenes in different seasons, therefore the owner calls it “skin-changing beach”. No matter you are coming with relatives, friends, lovers, it is the super cool place to relax.

  1. Bird nest in Taidong

The “Bird nest” located in the Riverside Park is the new international landmark of Taidong. It is called “Stars plucking tree” on the internet. In the evening, you can feel the salty sea wind and shining night view. It is highly recommended to ride the bike here.

Aside from working hard, it is important to travel occasional to get recharged. Otherwise, you will like a stretched string that never relax. Even though Taiwan is small, there are many places on this land we don’t know yet. So, take advantages of the holiday this year and have a good rest and walk around.

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