Located in Taipei, Taiwai, the Neihu District consists of many mountainous roads, making it the most popular part of the city with hikers and bikers. It is the third biggest district going by population, and has no shortage of attractions and transport links. Undoubtedly the most popular tourist attraction in the Neihu District is the Dahu Park, a naturally stunning site with many picturesque views and with over 13-hectares of land. There are also a great number of facilities in the park, including heated swimming pools and a sauna to keep the adults happy, and a water slide to keep the young ones busy. There are also some Buddhist temples in the park, and their location in the serene surroundings make for a very spiritual experience.

The park pretty much is Neihu District, at least as far as the tourists are concerned. You could spend weeks in this park and never want for anything else. That’s why many tourists choose to stay in this region, along with the fact that the easy access to Metro lines mean that taking a trip to other districts is never much of a struggle. If you fancy a stay in this picturesque district, this landscape painting in the middle of a modern city, then the information below might help. We have reviewed the best hotels in the Neihu District to help you choose the one that is right for you. Unfortunately, there is not a great deal of choice here, but if you do want to stay near the Neihu District then you can also stay in Zhongzheng District, which is just a few miles way. We have discussed the closest Zhongzheng hotels, in relation to Neihu, at the bottom of this article.

Hotel June

This 4-star hotel is our pick for the best hotel in the Neihu District. There are 87 rooms in this hotel, which is about twenty minutes away from the famous Dahu Park by car, whilst being less than 5 kilometers away from the Wende MART Station. It is a little further away than we would like, but this is a remote district and those not wanting to take taxis everyday typically rent a car, which is a fairly easy and cheap thing to do in Taipei. The Hotel June accommodates all guests who opt to do just that, with plenty of free parking spaces reserved just for guests of this hotel.

  • Airport Shuttle? Yes — There is a small surcharge.
  • Free WiFi? Yes
  • Pool? No
  • Fitness Center? Yes
  • Restaurants? Yes
  • Near Public Transport? No

This is a very popular hotel, so be sure to get in early to secure a room. At the time of writing, we checked several dates one, two and three months into the future, all for single night stays, and there were no rooms available. If you’re planning a long stay in Taipei and have a preference for this hotel, then you may well need to book up to 4 months in advance. If you have left it a little too late then you should still check to see if there is anything available, as this is a popular hotel for a reason.

The rooms in the Hotel June are a little larger than the average across Taipei, and they all come with a comfortable seating area and a work area, which makes them a great choice for business travelers and leisure travelers alike. All guests can use the onsite fitness center at no extra cost, and there is also a laundry, dry cleaning and ironing service, although these may incur a cost.

City Lake Hotel Taipei

The City Lake Hotel Taipei is a 3-star hotel that offers a little more in terms of availability than the Hotel June above, as there are 148 rooms. The City Lake Hotel Taipei is also very popular though, so prospective guests should book as far in advance as possible.

  • Airport Shuttle? Yes — A fee is required.
  • Free WiFi? Ye
  • Pool? No
  • Fitness Center? Yes
  • Restaurants? Yes
  • Near Public Transport? No

As with the Hotel June, public transport is not really an option, but you don’t need to rent a car either as the City Lake Hotel Taipei gives guests some other options. One of them is a bicycle rental service, where all guests can take a bike out for a day, discovering the district and the wider city on two wheels. There is also a shuttle service offered by the hotel. Unlike the airport shuttle, which requires a fee to be paid, this service is free to all guests of the hotel. It can take you to Nangang and Sijhih, and to other areas around the Neihu District where the hotel is located.

The only issue with the City Lake Hotel Taipei is that you will probably find yourself scratching your head and wondering why this only has a 3-star rating, as it has the sort of amenities, facilities and services that you would expect in a 4-star hotel.

Hotels Nearest to Neihu District

As we said at the beginning of this article, you don’t have a great choice when it comes to hotels in this district. Still, if you simply have to be in this district then there are other options available. The best one is probably the Caesar Park Hotel Taipei, which we rate very highly and which actually made it onto another top-list of ours.

City Suites Taipei Nandong should also be considered as a destination. At less than three miles away from your district of choice, this is actually one of the closest hotels to the Neihu District, and is located on the outskirts of the Songshan District.

Other options include the San Want Hotel Taipei, which is in the Da’an District, and the Bellezza Taipei, which is in the Zhongshan District. Both of these hotels, and the two mentioned above, are just a short subway ride away from the Neihu District, and as they are all within walking distance of a subway station, making it to the Neihu District shouldn’t be an issue at all.

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