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There are more and more metro stations in Taipei. Taking a cab or renting a car, it takes less than an hour to get to beautiful suburb from downtown. According to the latest tourism survey, in 2015, there is 180 thousand more people travel to Taiwan from Singapore in 2010, which has increased 93.36%. Because of the convenient transportation, editor has spent a weekend in Taipei to explore new attractions, eat and drink.

In the past few year, Taiwan has slowly become the most popular places for people from Singapore. According to the newest statistics, in January and February this year, there is 23.79% increase in the number of tourists from Southeast Asia compare to the same period last year. Singapore along, in 2010 there are 190,281 people come to Taiwan for traveling, in 2015, the number has increased to 372,560, which has increased 93.36%.

The flights fly to Taiwan is becoming more and more, the price is getting cheap and cheap, and it is easier to have fun in Taiwan. The last time I have fled to Taiwan and just find out there is overnight flight from Singapore to Taiwan. The flight I took is from the Scoot at 12:45 in the night. It has arrived at the Taoyuan Airport at 5 am in the morning. By 7 am, I was already having breakfast in the downtown of Taipei. Indeed, the red-eye flight can be exhaust, but for people who don’t have a long holiday, the time saved from the flight is very practical. Not to mention, the business cabin is not too expensive in the cheap flight. Or you can choose a relatively specious seat or free from the interference of baby’s cry. One night is not that hard to get through. The first night you spend on the flight, then book the hotel for two or three nights. Then have as much fun as you like in Taipei. This is very suitable for urban travelers with a fast pace.

Harvesting giant taro in the Bamboo lake

Yangming Mountain is known as the “backyard of Taipei”, which is the national park that closest to metropolis in Taiwan. February and March each year is the most famous flower season in Yangming Mountain. Actually, the area of Yangming Mountain is large, you can see different flowers anytime in the year.

I got to Yangming Mountain in April and it happen to be the season for giant taro. The flowering period is from mid-March to end of May. The location is near the Bamboo lake.

The Bamboo lake is 670 meter above the sea level, which is formed after the explosion of the volcano. After the lake gradually subsided, the valley was left. Ealier, it has planted a large amount of bamboo here, also cabbage and Penglai rice. Now, it has transformed to the tourism farm of flowers. During the flowering season, a lot of taro fields are open to public. You can choose your favorite flowers and enjoy the fun of harvesting the taro. The giant taro was originally planted in the water, you have to change to the rain overalls. Now, many farmers have converted to the dry land cultivation. So, the tourists don’t need to change shoes to enter the field, which is very convenient.

If you don’t want to harvest the flower, you can enjoy the view by walking on the walking lane and taking picture. The bamboo lake has 6 different lengths of the walking trails, such as the circular trail on the top of the lake, the circular trial at the bottom of the lake. Walking on the trail, you can find the many white spots of the giant taro on the green fields, looking at the sky like little loudspeaker. Sometimes, you just don’t feel like taking it off.

American food in the dormitory of American army

If you are on Yangming mountain, normally you would feel like try some local planted vegetables, and local raised chicken. However, the most popular dining places is the Yannick Sweet Village near the Chinese Culture University.

The dormitory of American army is designed by American, imitating the American Southern Village Villa in the 50s, which are most complete dormitory of American army in Taiwan. After the dormitory, has been vacant for many year, the famous dessert brand Yannick rented the five dormitories and kept the original structure and furniture, such as the mail box, fireplace, red brick wall. The American styled antiques have been added and displayed in every corner of the room, making people feel like in the nostalgic movies.

The stores currently operate in sweet village is no. 1 and no. 2 stores, no.1 store sells coffee and American tart, the no.2 store sells varied cake, puff. The no.3, 5, and 6 stores are currently under planning. They all have different themes. After the completion, you can enjoy varied American food in different buildings. Besides eating, you can also participate in the DIY course to make cupcake, and cookies, popular among children.

The renaissance of the old community in the north section of Dihua Street

The renaissance of the old house has become the new trend. The old building brought back to life, the history can be preserved and the modern element can be injected, creating new feature.

The Dadaocheng filled with sense of old time has attracted many featured stores to come here, creative cultural shops, café, restaurant, experience museum and others, filling the old city with a youthfull atmosphere. You will find something new every visit.

Traditionally, the popular attractions in Dadaocheng are the Xiahai Chenghuang Temple, Yongle market on the south section of Dihua street. I have visited this street till the end of the north section, and find even this section of Dihua Street has been renovated, a lot of things worth visiting.

The north section of Dihua street is deviated from the busiest section, thus, the development is quite slow. You can still find quite complete buildings from Qing dynasty. The

If you want to visit the most complete house that has been preserved, you can go to the “rice house” across the street, the sign says “Rice House”. In fact, it is a compound space promoting the rice culture in Taiwan. The old rice house use to be the rice store 110 years ago. Two years ago, it was bought by the current owner, who is also in the rice business. He has kept the original structure of the old house and the spirit, creating new life by combining the new pace and old tradition.

In the rice house, you can find the typical narrow house structure in Dadaocheng. The store is in the front, patio in the middle. You can get to the second floor via a narrow stair. On the second floor, there is bedroom and living room. Now, the space in the rice house has been changed to different purpose. The decoration is very retro. The exhibition and products sold here are rice related product. The kitchen in the back has been changed to restaurant, offering simple dining. The second floor has been used as dining area and exhibition hall. Here, it offers three types of DIY course, including pillows filled with tea, silk canvas bag, rice milling experience, which are all related to the traditional business in Dadaocheng.

Searching for the flavor on Yongkang street

Traveling in Taipei, you don’t need an over detailed plan, you can browse the different streets, every time, you will feel something different.

Yongkang street is always the famous food street in Taipei. Re-vising the street after a few years, the Dingtaifeng at the crossroad now is everywhere (the first store is still crowded), the famous Mango ice place has been changed (still long waiting line), the must has Lao Zhang Beef Noodle has moved away (the champion beef noodle can be find anywhere).

On the Yongkang street, it is not just Dingtaifeng and beef noodle. Centered as Yongkang Street, the alleys on the both sides of the streets have many restaurant and snacks. The Lvsang Canteen offers Yilan food. The menus are listed on the all. The traditional Yilan food, such as cake, meat, preserved meat, liver flower and others can be found here.

The Le Salon in the fourth alley of Yongkang street has a strong sense of fashion. It has using a creative way to present the traditional tea culture in Taiwan. It worked with the award-winning tea farmers, using the high qualitied organic tea leaves. Then, packaged the tea with creative elements. This brand has also tea wears, and tea pots, which has won the good design award in Japan, and red spot designing award in Germany.

This brand has set up counters in many shopping centers. However, the Le Salon in Yongkang street is the only location offers dining. Here, it offers French dessert with Taiwan tea, they are not separated, but dessert with the flavor of tea. Such as the “Love of camellia” in the spring. It has the shape of camellia, injected with honey flavored black tea. “Oriental beauty”, which is the same name as the famous Taiwan tea, uses Wulong tea to add the oriental element. “Madam Rose” is in the shape of red rose, the French strawberry taste mixed with the honey flavored black tea. The cream make petals on the top of the cake is as thin as the cicada’s wings.

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