Experience the new fun of Taipei Memorial

Taipei, a fascinating and charming city, is filled with multi-culture. You can take the metro to visit Taipei 101, National Dr. Sun Yat0sen Memorial Hall, Yong Kang Street, Shilin Night Market, and Raohe Night Market. On the trip, whether it is something to look, to eat, to buy, it can always bring travelers rich and colorful memories. Besides recording the scenes with the camera, is there anything you can bring to friends and share your fun experience in Taipei? Picture book artist Whamimi using cute style leads the Taipei Memorial into the immersive scene of Taipei, in Jiantan Station, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, and National Palace Museum. The picture book is full of fun and story, compare to the real photo, it gives people more surprise.

There are 4 members in Whamimi’s Taipei Memorial, including the team leader Whamimi, Mr. Clock, Whawaha and Mimi, which represents good memories, playful, thoughtful and moving moments. They scattered in the creation of Taipei Memorial, bringing us back to the scene in Taipei’s memory. From the picture, we can search for what we have seen and heard at the moment and the touching moment.

The storytelling styled artistic creation, called “Picture Book” by Whamimi. It makes easier for people to read the unique custom and culture of Taipei from the descriptive images. In addition to the well-known attractions in Taipei, Taiwan snacks like stinky Tofu, Pig Blood Cake, oyster omelet, have also become her topic of creation. Drawing is focused on the meaning, event though not as realistic as the photo, it makes the picture more talkative and make you want to laugh. These creative works about Taipei called Taipei Memorial, it turns to creative products with both memorable and practical functions, such as postcards, pillow, creative badge, or cute card cover. These cut creativities, not only favored by foreign tourists, but also the most suitable souvenir for Taiwanese, when they visit their friends overseas.

Taipei Memorial Series: Phone Protection Case

Perhaps you have already too familiar with Taipei. But when you want to mail a postcard to your friend and introduce about your hometown, will it be the pretty picture or fun “Picture Book”? If you will go travel abroad, and want to prepare some souvenir, besides pineapple cakes, Alishan Tea, of course, you need to bring souvenir represents the image of Taiwan. The artistic works of Whamimi have integrated the interesting scenes in Taipei, and even Taiwan into the cute souvenir. You can introduce everything about Taiwan through the picture. And also, the little creative things will make the deep impression about you and Taiwan on your new friends.

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