Newly Opened Restaurants in Shanghai 2017

Folks say that “if it is the leap year, then there will be an extra month that is hot”. This year happens to be leap year. The continuous high temperature is suffocating. But there are many new restaurants in Shanghai, the South French cuisine from the Michelin Chef, the cuisine that hidden in the Bund, which is popular around world. For delicious food, we are not afraid of hotness, let’s start from the Gelato from Buco.

Seul & SEUL

The seul & SEUL that opens today should be the new restaurants that worth expecting. The Chef Johnny uses to be the executive chef at the world top 50 restaurants in Singapore – Restaurant Andre. He is indeed the 2 stars Michelin chef. He met Bill, who is preparing to open restaurant, so they started seul & SEUL together. The South French cuisine – seul & SEUL continues the concept of no menu, as Johnny did in Singapore. There is two combos that you can choose, one for 498 yuan, one for 998 yuan. Preparing food is like playing magic trick. The chefs are ready to surprise you. Wanting to be the most fashionable food lover, then you have to be the first guests there.

Address: N301, 3rd Floor, Taikoo Hui, 288 Shimenyi Road

Tel: 021-52999889

Han Yuan

The cuisine of Xue, known by local food lovers, opens a new store in the expensive location on the Bund. From the environment to the dining procedure, it’s all re-production of the old time. The dishes are all traditional local cuisine. The cost per person starts from 500 yuan. You cannot order. There is fixed menu decided by the chef. As long as you have enough budget, you can enjoy the customized royal cuisine. Each dish is carefully designed. Even though you cannot choose, it gives unlimited surprise. Even though there is no featured dish, no menu, the chef alone is attracted enough. His family uses to be the chef for the government official. He used to be the executive chef at Su Zhe Hui. Don’t you want to try? Remember to make reservation early, so you can enjoy the first class taste of the local cuisine.

Address: 4th Floor, 66 East Nanjing Road

Tel: 18901685918


Lychee is located on the three-story building on Fuxing Road. The idea of the restaurants comes from the four Chinese classic beauties – Yang Guifei. The name Lychee comes from the story of delivering lychee from thousand miles away. The environment is luxury and fancy. The pink wall with green chair, and the mural of the clouds on the ceiling. Lychee has two parts: bar and restaurants. The bar is consulted by Carson from the NEST Group. It offers cocktail with the element of lychee. The fresh and sweet taste is perfect for summer. The cuisine on the second floor will surprise you in terms of presentation and taste. No matter it is date, or friends gathering, the environment and food will not let you down.

Address: No. 2 of Alley 39, East Fuxing Road (Wulumuqi Road)

Tel: 021-34611377

Bitter Soul

Bitter Soul is near the Mirror and Bar Constellation Exclusive. Of course, it has its outstanding attractiveness. Compare to the over 100 yuan cocktail at Bar Constellation Exclusive, the 50 yuan per cup at Bitter Soul is obviously more reasonable. There has the leather seats, shining bar, and funny bulbs, everything is just fine. The services are warm and right. Bitter Soul has a very good collection of whiskeys. And you shouldn’t miss spritz. In summary, if you pass by or work nearby, this bar has to be on your list of must go.

Address: 77 Fenyang Road, close to Taiyaun Road


The newly opened sweets store in Fuxing Soho is again a perfect check-in place for Instagram. The design gives you a sense of simple and clean. Each angle, each element can give you a pretty photo. Of course, the desserts here are not just for show. Especially the Lamington, the sponge cake wrapped by coconut will make you don’t want to stop. Interesting is the coffee here is served in glass. If you are not afraid of gaining weight, then hurry up call your friends and check-in.

Address: 1st floor, Fuxing Square, Middle Fuxing Road (Fuxing Soho E107

White Castle

Last Saturday, July 22nd, the long waited American chain brand White Castel has finally opened in Shanghai. Since it founded in 1921, it has been loved by food lovers with its palm size hamburger. The Chinese little “Xiao Bao Bao” is cute and very much localized. As the leader of the hamburger chain store, White Castel has been popular among the popular culture, from the lyrics of the rock song to the movie Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. It has been rated as the most influential hamburger in 2014 by Time Magazine. The White Castle in Shanghai has continued its most classic beef, cheese, chicken and other flavor. They has specially made two complete new hamburger – Mapo Tofu and Cherry Duck Meet Burger. You can only get these in Shanghai. Hurry up and come try all the flavors.

Address: 211 North Maoming Road (Close to Weihai Road)

Tel: 021-32035899

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