Night View Spots in Taipei – Best Night View Locations

Want to have romantic and classic date, you should not miss the night view and chatting! Two people watching the night view together, your heart slowly goes away while chatting. Here, five night view places in Taipei are selected. Hurry up and invite the one you have a crush on, go to see the night view on the mountain and let the feelings getting deep.

Jiannan Mountain

The Jiannan Mountain gets famous because the TV show “In Time with You” have shoot here. It is one of the popular night view places in Taipei. The transportation is quite convenient. From the bottom to the top, it takes 15-minutes by bike. Here, you can see Taipei’s landmarks such as luxurious Ferris Wheel, Taipei 101. They because the most beautiful decorations in the city’s night.

Elephant Mountain

Elephan Mountain is only 181 meters tall. For the people who like to climb the mountain, the Elephant Mountain is definitely not the best place for challenge. But, everyone can get on the top easily. You climb for about 20 minutes after parking, you will get to the top. Once you get on the top, if you still feel energetic, or want to stretch a little bit. There are lot of equipment you can use on both side of the trail to exercise.

On the top of the Elephant Mountain, you can pretty much see all the night scenes in Taipei. Thus, a lot of couples are attracted to visit this place. There are lot of photographers, carrying equipment with them to shoot the pretty scenes of Taipei 101 and surrounding.

Dajian Mountain

The Dajian Mountain in Xizhi is 460 meters tall. Thousand cherry blossom trees are planted on the side of the road. Normally, the trip will start on Tianxiu temple (No. 601 Qingjin Road). There is also the spot that you can view the scene of the city and sunset. From the day to the night, the view changes, which are fascinating. You can enjoy the cherry blossom in the day, the sunset and the night view in the evening.

Back of the Cultural University

Night view in the Yangming Mountain is a classic tour. Amount these, the mountain behind Cultural University is most favored by couples and photographers. An anonymous photographer says that when you shoot photo, even though the it is very late, there are still a lot of couples there.

Shitou Mountain

The Shitou Mountain in Bitan District, Xindian, is an excellent location for seeing sunset and night view. A lot of people will stay in the Youth Pavilion to enjoy the night view. In the night, you can still see the track of the National Road No. 3. The shiny golden arc is very unique, which is the highlight in the night. In the other side of the Youth Pavilion, you can see the Sunlight Bridge and Little Bitan Station, shinning in the dark.

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