Sichuan Noodles Found Near Taipei’s Gongguan Area

As a native Beijing, Maoli is like many students from mainland China, the thing we miss in China is the authentic pepper. Why is the pepper in Taiwan is sweet? It makes Maoli feel desperate because there is no spicy food here.

Every time I went home for vacation, I have to bring a lot of sauces like spicy and numb pot sauce, spicy hot pot sauce, instant spicy noodle, and other sauce bags and instant bags.

Until I found the Big Mouth Authentic Chongqing Hot and Sour Noodle, it is the flavor I’m looking for.

I’m so touched, and I don’t need to bring the hot and sour noodles from home anymore.

Environment of the restaurant

The Big Mouth is located in the busy Gongguan Business District. The store is small, which has only one bar and a few tables.

LOGO is the mask of the Sichuan opera, which is has strong feature of the region.

The center words of Sichuan Cuisine – spicy

The variety of the foods here is limited, but all are spicy.

Besides the featured spicy beef noodle, others can be made without being spicy (but if you are eating Sichuan Cuisine and you don’t want spicy, isn’t this lost the point of eating it.)

If we are talking about the most famous and delicious foods, they are definitely the hot and sour noodle, and spicy noodles.

The noodles used in the spicy noodle are soaked in spicy sauce ahead of time. Thus, it tastes spicier.

The noodles used in the hot and sour noodle are made from potato, which tastes like jelly, after cooked, it won’t absorb spicy sauce.

The sour of the old vinegar has relieved the spiciness in some extent.

The ingredients used in the two dishes are very simple, the spicy noodle is noodle with fried minced meat, sesame and chopped green onion.

The hot and sour noodles are made from potato, minced meat, fried peanut, sour beans, and green onion.

The taste of the dish is largely depended on the spoon of spicy.

The pepper at the Big Mouth is really strong, not only spicy, but also very because the spicy sauce has fried the chili incense out of the pepper.


All-in Handmade Hot and Sour Noodle

The All-in Handmade Hot and Sour Noodle are the combination of the Chongqing Hot and Sour Noodle with the Taiwan Lo Mei.

The ingredients are very rich. The marinated pork slices, crab sticks, fish cake, kelp, fried tofu, and dried tofu.

If you have to rank the noodles in Big Mouth, the All-in Handmade Hot and Sour Noodle is definitely number 1.

If you want to eat spicy Lo Mei, you can choose the Lo Mei Combo at Big Mouth. You can choose the ingredients you like.

Dried noodle

Simply speaking, it is the Chongqing noodle without soup. The taste is stronger without soup diluted the flavor of sauce.

Rib noodle

The fried minced port is changed to rib. The noodle is ok, but the two ribs are really delicious!

The meat is very soft, eat with the spicy oil, you will definitely like it.

Pea noodles with mixed sauce

The pea noodles with mixed sauces has remembered me of the college life.

There is a small store in the canteen of the university that sells mixed sauce noodle. Every day at the lunch time, there is always line.

Maoli usually packed up everything before class, so I can rush to the store that sells bean noodle with mixed sauce.

The bean at the Big Mouth is really good!

First, the quantity is very large. The first glance, the half of the bow is covered by the bean.

The bean tastes soft. They are soaked in the water ahead of time, most of which has grew sprouts.

Featured spicy beef noodle

The delicious beef noodles are countless in Taipei, but spicy ones are rare.

The beefs are very chewy. The meat and the numbness on the tough will stay there longer.

Maoli Tips

The peppers in the Big Mouth are very very spicy.

It is recommended that you order a little spicy first. If it is not spicy enough, you can add more.

Restaurant information

Address: No. 183, Dingzhou Road 3rd Section, Zhongzheng District, Taipei

Tel: (02)-2368-7779

Opening hour: weekday 11:30 – 22:30, weekend 11:30 – 21:30

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