Taipei’s Best Noodle Shops – Must Eat Noodle Shops in Taipei

Besides Bento store, you will find noodle restaurant in each street in Taiwan. It might be a street food stall that only opens in the morning, giving people who gets up early the energy they needed. Or it might be a small restaurant, a simple noodle soup can fulfill the starving people. In Taipei, besides the exotic food that leading the edge, there are also many old noodle restaurants that keep filling the people’s stomach.

There three must-eat danzai noodles, The noodle seller Yan (Jinquan store), A’cheng Danzai Noddle and A’guo Danzai Noodle. Beside these three, there are two other popular stores also located in West side of Taipei: Old Noodle Restaurant, and A’tian Noodle. They both are old restaurants with over 10-year history. The restaurants are always filled with guests who likes the traditional flavor.


Old Noodle Restaurant

The featured noodle is the dried noodle, which you can add four types of sauces. It is hard for people to resist. The four types of sauces are sesame sauce, fried sauce, oil onion lard, salty water. Additionally, the Lou mei here is also very popular, not too salty or too greasy. It tastes good even without sauce.

Address: No. 215 Dihua Street Section 2, Taipei

Tel: 02-25981388


The noodle seller Yan

Already the third generation, this restaurant is recommended by food guru to be one of the must-eat noodle restaurants. The soup is made by pork, chicken, port intestine that selected in the mid-night. Then, the pork bone is added. No MSG is added. The fresh food filled the soup with natural sweetness. The warm soup is the base of each Danzai noodle.

Address: No. 106 Anxi Street, Datong district, Taipei

Tel: 02-2557-7087


A’tian Noddle

The A’tian noodle only opens to four o’clock in the afternoon. A lot of office workers can’t get it even if they want to. The menu of A’tian Noodle is simple, which are only four categories: Yangchun Noodle, oil noodle, rice noodle, wonton. The guests that come here frequently will order in “full or half”. Full means that lean meat and egg will be added. Half means either one of the lean mean and egg will be added.

Address: No. 20 of Alley 44 in Chifeng street, Datong district, Taipei

Tel: 02-2556-0927

A’cheng Danzai noodle

Pour the special made sweet sauce, the sweetness with a little bit numbness make the oil noodle smooth and easy to eat. This is why people fall in love with it. The variety of the dishes allow you to choose whatever you like. The cleaned intestine and the braised pork are the recommended dishes.

Address: No. 20 Jinxi Street, Zhongshan District, Taipei

Tel: 02-2543-1749


A’guo Danzai Noodle

The must-eat Danzai noodle rated by Taipei people, is located near the Shuanglian station of the subway, where is the gathering place for traditional food. This place is always filled with guests.

Address: No. 81 West Minsheng Rd, Datong District, Taipei

Tel: 02-2557-8705

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