Taipei Office Workers Volunteering as Tour Guides

Many attractions have city tour guides, but most of which are targeted at domestic tourists. A group of young office workers volunteers as the city guide to provide English tour guide to backpackers from Western countries, according to a new report from Yahoo Taiwan. Introducing the City of Taipei in-depth and in a way that is close to daily life, is loved by Western tourists. Originally, it is once per week, now, the English tour is available every day.

Chester, a volunteer tour guide introduces:” it used to be a radio station. Now it is no longer a radio station anymore, which becomes an exhibition hall to devote to present the history of 228.

Inside the park, the tour guide has explained the history of 228 in details. The group of foreign tourists from Europe, America, and Australia listens with great enthusiastic. Then, Chester says” “You can try to walk on the footpath. It is a very Taiwan-styled footpath.”

Taking of the shoes, they were surprised that every park is equipped with health footpath, which makes them thrilled.

One backpacker said: “It hurts so much. I can barely move my feet.”

The 22-year old Chester, even though she is still a college student, she is very experiencing as a city tour. Because she has seen many backpackers come to Taiwan just glance over things in a hurry, she decided to initiate the city tour guide activity. Many officer workers have also jointed the volunteer events.

The city tour guide – Arthur says: “Because for most of the non-Asia tourists, their knowledge on Taiwan is almost zero. They have no clue about the relationship between Taiwan and mainland China during the Japanese colonial era. So, what we do here, is to help them understand stories like that in a very short period.

City tour guide vs. backpackers: “Pick a sweet (super sweet) one for me!”

Didn’t expect this? The traditional market, only visited by local housewives, now, has become the attractions for backpackers. Because they have never seen Wax apple before, they taste it at the scene.

The Backpacker says: “(very juicy) very delicious.”

Another backpacker says: “It tastes like cucumber, but it is sweeter.”

Ben, a backpacker, says: “Places like 228 Park, and the White Terror Memorial, I don’t know a lot about the history of Taiwan. That’s why I think this trip is very good.

The theme is Wandering around the City of Taipei, from 228 Park, Presidential Office Building, Downtown market, Zhong Shan Hall. Each attraction is full of historical stories, which makes the tourists gain a lot of things from this trip.

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