Old alley turns into time corridor, with tours trending now

The county’s chief, Zen Xiumei, of Miaomeili, Zhonghe, has renovated the old alley, turning the fifty meters’ wall inside the 181 alley of Zhongshan road into a time corridor through the 3D color painting. The wall has recorded the local history, connecting the themes of “Cherry Boulevard”, “Bridges running over creek”, “Small Trail in the forest” and others. The project is estimated to complete by April this year. Tourists will feel like walking to the tunnel of time. The alley will become a special tourist attraction, attracting tourists to taking photos and check in on Facebook here.

Zen Xiumei has made the rooftop of the activity center into a place for dining.

Zen Meixiu says, in order to beautify the old mottled wall, the exposed lines, the small scaled and uneven land, they fight for the government funds to create the painting wall, and design it with the theme of the local customs. Such as the dock describing the history of the shipping in Miaomeili. She hopes that more and more people will get to know the local specialties. After the painting project complete, the tourists will continue come here non-stop. There will be no more illegal advertising posters on the wall. The corridor will turn into something brand new. The residents in Miaomeili are very glad with the changes.

Besides improving the facilities and equipment, Zen Xiumei also takes advantage of the activity center to hosts classes, such as Japanese classes and singing classes. She has made the rooftop into the place, where people can dine there. Once the vegetables and fruits are harvested, it will provide food for the elderly. The compost needed for farming are all coming from the waste recycling in the kitchen, which saves expenses.

In order to help and care for the vulnerable group, Zen Xiumei use the rewards from the resource recycling to start the emergency fund, which provide food for elderly and help them in emergency. This charitable action has won support from several local companies. She says, first day to the 15th day of each month, the local companies will send the “Safety box” to the chief’s office. The box contains soy sauce, rice and other resources. And then, the office will give the resources to the needing families. Till now, dozens of the families have already benefited from it.

Zen Xiumei’s new idea is spoke highly by the Civil Affairs Bureau

The department head of Civil Affairs Bureau, Jiang Junting says, Zen Xiumei has been the chief of the country for 9 consecutive terms. She has been served this county for 4 years. Being selected as best county chief for several times. She is especially good with taking advantage of local resources to develop local specialties. She set up the rental station for Youbike, combining with the community highlights, such as Fuhe Bell, Small Trail in the forests, and color painting in the alley. By planning the move line of the tourism, she hopes to bring the trend of “light traveling in Miaomeili”.


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